Classic VW Beetle 100% converted to electric

As the electric car revolution gathers pace, spare a thought for the gas-guzzling classics from yesteryear, trapped forever in their eco-unfriendly guises, slowly to become alienated as bit by bit the motoring world turns green. The company ‘Electric Classic Cars’ have done just that, as their name suggests, their aim is to take fantastic cars(…)

World’s fastest VW Beetle sets speed record

Arguably Volkswagen’s most iconic creation – the Beetle, has recently surpassed its own land speed record. Earlier this month, on the Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah, the yellow racer made two passes of the flying mile clocking up an average speed of 205.122 mph. This smashed the previous Beetle record of 175 mph that was(…)

VW pulls Lamborgini and Bentley our of Paris Motor Show

In what appears to be cost cutting measures, VW has pulled Lamborghini and Bentley – both part of its umbrella – out of next week’s Paris Motor Show. Still reeling in the wake of the emissions scandal, the German car maker is looking for ways to cut its cloth accordingly, in the wake of what(…)

Paris Motor Show 2016: VW to unveil next-generation EV

Volkswagen is to preview its new generation of electric vehicles at the forthcoming 2016 Paris Motor Show. The company have gone on record to say that the car “is as revolutionary as the Beetle was seven years ago.” Not much information has been released regarding the new concept, but a modular platform is likely to(…)

Volkswagen dragging heals over emissions ‘fix’

One year on from the emissions scandal rocked the German car maker to the core, it is still estimated that Volkswagen has yet to ‘fix’ 1.2 million affected cars in the UK. Back in 2015, at the height of the scandal, the automaker vowed to have rectified the problem and fixed the cheating emissions software(…)

VW launch new cyber firm to safeguard car security

With the increase in connectivity across a wide variety of platforms, and the resultant wider threat to car’s systems; Volkswagen has decided to found a new company with the sole purpose of beefing up automotive security. The new company, dubbed Cymotive, is the brainchild of VW, and a trio of Israeli cyber security experts. Heading(…)

VW engineer at centre of Dieselgate storm reveals whole design team was in on fraud

The VW engineer at the centre of the diesel emissions test scandal has agreed to spill the beans on his part in the deceit. James Robert Liang agreed to a plea deal with the US federal government to co-operate with the investigation into how the German automaker cheated American emissions tests and passed off its(…)

Volkswagen to tailor vehicles to local tastes

In an attempt to decentralise decision-making from its Wolfsburg headquarters VW is working on a “regionalisation” plan to empower subsidiaries to tailor VW-brand products to fit in with local tastes and trends. Volkswagen is the process of implementing radical changes in the aftermath of last year’s emission scandal where the car maker admitted to fitting(…)

Second hand Volkswagens ‘holding their value’

Despite the emissions scandal, second hand VW’s are holding their value well, a leading motoring magazine has revealed. According to leading industry magazine What Car? VW’s that are either three years old or have done 36,000 miles, are typically worth 42.21% of their original value, only a 2.7% drop from September 2015, just before the(…)

Two door GTI is dead

All things must pass; in this case it’s the VW GTI two door edition which is to be no more. At Volkswagen’s full-line launch event today, Hendrik Muth Volkswagen’s marketing chief confirmed the news: “The trend is shifting towards four-door models.” Previously VW had suggested that the two door would continue at least 2017, but(…)