The new Beetle 2012

One of the nation’s most recognisable cars, the Volkswagen is set to hit the market next year. The car is an icon from previous generations, with the company attempting to modernise it for the latest eras.  The first and second generation were both a major success with over 22million sold. The latest instalment will have(…)

Another masterpiece in the making?

The Volkswagen Golf has been an iconic car for a number of years now. It’s known to many as a very classy and practical and car. A worldwide phenomenon the car can seemingly do no wrong. It’s perhaps the most in demand family car available. Many fans around the world will be pleased by the(…)

Bluemotion Technology in Volkswagen Cars

Various different car manufacturers are looking to the future. They are all adopting cleaner and more eco-friendly technologies to run their cars, investing millions at a time when doing so. Many need to adopt ways of doing so as pollution produced from cars is indeed causing the environment major damage. Volkswagen’s attempt at being more(…)

Volkswagen Interim Service

Interim car services make sure your Volkswagen is safe with parts checked for wear. They should be carried out annually if cars don’t exceed 5000 miles per year or in between 6 months after a full car service. Interim service with Servicing Stop Garages in our network carry out Volkswagen car services with professionalism following(…)

Volkswagen Touran

The Touran is a spacious and practical car that isn’t too large. It’s a multipurpose vehicle that performs pretty well on the road. The handling on the car is surprisingly good. It’s got an easy to manoeuvre steering wheel with its weight adapting well to different speeds. It has been suggested by some reviews that(…)

Volkswagen Sharan

The Sharan is a fantastic MPV which displays quality in almost every aspect. It has been around since the 1990’s. It seems that Volkswagen Sharan have certainly improved with age.  Reviews of the second generation have received excellent reviews. The car is available in…     1.4 litre producing 148bhp (Petrol)     2.0 litre producing 197bhp(…)

Volkswagen Polo

The Polo is a great choice for a reliable car. A small compact car that is practical at the same time, the Polo has been a huge success for a long time. It’s built with the quality you would expect from the German manufacturer. The running costs are not much either and it’s a quite(…)

Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen provides an excellent vehicle for families to drive in comfort and space. They are also known for being reliable and safe too. People are able to sit nicely and comfortably with the car storing plenty of luggage. The boot provides an enormous amount of storage. You’ll be able to drive the car with minimal(…)

Volkswagen Golf

The Golf is possibly the most well-known vehicle in the UK. It’s a fashionable and reliable car which many appeals to a wide range of drivers. Throughout its many generations the car has become iconic. Different generations of the gold are seen on the roads. This proves that they were made to last. It seems(…)

Volkswagen Fox

The Volkswagen Fox is one of the cheapest cars to run in the UK. It is an excellent choice for first time drivers. The insurance group is 1 on all models. Despite its small size it offers a generous amount space inside. The boot offers more space than some of its rivals and the car(…)