The Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 litre TDI 110 Bluemotion

Today we review the 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan Bluemotion. It’s the latest car in the companies promising Bluemotion range. It will be the entry level S trim Tiguan variant. We take a look and see as to whether the car is all it is hyped up to be. Bluemotion Bluemotion is the Volkswagen way of making(…)

The Volkswagen Passat and the Golf win used car awards

A couple of Volkswagen used cars have received some praise recently and won awards too. Well respected automotive magazine and website What Car has named the 2006 Volkswagen Passat Estate as the best second hand estate car of the year along the Volkswagen Golf winning the best used green car. The Volkswagen Passat is considered(…)

Dramatic increase in profit for Volkswagen

Volkswagen profits have increased 46% to €7.04 billion from €2.1 billion. The company’s profits before tax were reported at €8.4 billion. It’s that time of the year where car brands announce their third quarterly profits. Volkswagen has clearly made tremendous progress in their bid to overtake Toyota as the world’s largest mass producer of cars(…)

Volkswagen Up! Fits 16 people

An exercise was recently carried out which involved 16 people fitting into the Volkswagen Up! Why is that an interesting piece of news? The Volkswagen Up! Is a city car that will target those who require a small vehicle? It will arrive as the smallest car that Volkswagen has to offer when released. Fitting 16(…)

The Volkswagen Polo R

The Volkswagen Polo R, does it have a nice ring to it? We are not sure but it is set to join the Volkswagen range later next year. The Volkswagen R division was developed in order to compete with Mercedes-Benz AMG and BMW M divisions. It’s the companies answer to providing a high end performance(…)

Has Volkswagen overtaken Toyota ahead of schedule?

There are indications that Volkswagen are set to overtake Toyota as the world’s largest automotive manufacturer before the end of the year. The writing has been on the wall for quite some time. Volkswagen is already Europe’s biggest auto manufacturer. Earlier this year the company stated that they intend to invest $85 Billion to become(…)

Volkswagen Beetle on sale now

The Volkswagen Beetle is now officially on sale. You won’t be able to buy one immediately however. They are only available for pre order at the moment, with the car being officially released next year in 2012. The 1.2 litre and the 1.4 litres are available to order at the moment with prices starting from(…)

Volkswagen hope to resolve Suzuki dispute amicably

Volkswagen has said that they plan to keep their stake in Suzuki as they look resolve their issue in private. No further comments will be made by the German automotive giants as the issue as they look to hold private discussions with Suzuki. A spokesman from Volkswagen was quoted to have said “The discussion between(…)

Volkswagen leading improvement on car sales figures

Volkswagen and BMW head figures for a rise in German car sales. Demand in Germany for both manufacturers as well as demand for newer models has helped both companies come out on top. A year ago in Germany, there were 1.26 million new registrations of cars. This year there were 1.27 million vehicles registered, meaning(…)

Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet wins open top car of the year

The Volkswagen Golf has won yet again another award, this time for its Cabriolet variant. It has been the first award for Golf Cabriolet, with it winning the Open-top Car of the Year 2011 prize at the Scottish Car of the Year Awards. The Judges who selected car said it was an entertaining package, economical(…)