The Volkswagen Passat Bluemotion Review

We have already reviewed the Volkswagen Passat but today we take a look at the Bluemotion variant. Very fuel efficient and environmentally friendly It’s a great looking vehicle that’s dedicated to be eco friendly and fuel efficient, whilst ensuring the typical wonderful Passat characteristics are not compromised and kept intact. The car emits just 109g/km(…)

Volkswagen aim for 8 million sales in 2011

Volkswagen is hoping to set a record of selling 8 million cars worldwide. The target is achievable according to Europe’s biggest car manufacturer. Statics show that they sold 7.51 million cars globally from November. This marks a 13.9 per cent increase from sales in the previous year. From January to November last year, Volkswagen sales(…)

Volkswagen to standardise their whole group

Reports from the automotive industry suggest that Volkswagen is planning to overhaul their line-up of cars. Part of their 2018 strategy  It is an effort standardises the vehicles technology, components and features. It comes under their overall goal to increase profits and eventually overtake Toyota by the year 2018 as the world’s largest car manufacturer.(…)

Volkswagen to bring SEAT to India

SEAT is set to be introduced to India if their owners Volkswagen have their way. The Volkswagen Group seem intent on the idea. They believe that with SEAT vehicles being produced and sold in India, it would save the company overall plenty of money, which in effect could be spent on other areas of the(…)

Insurance on the UP! is actually going down

Our title for this report may be slightly confusing but we can assure you that it is great news. The Volkswagen UP Has been confirmed as having the lowest insurance rating in the UK when it is released in 2012. Cheap insurance for more than just the entry level UP! It will now be the(…)

Volkswagen to showcase new electric car

Volkswagen has announced some exciting news that they are to showcase a new electric vehicle at the upcoming Detroit Motor Show. This will add to their current portfolio of electric concept cars, with the exciting Volkswagen UP! Currently in that line up. Are Volkswagen market leaders for sustainable vehicles? Volkswagen is attempting to show that(…)

Volkswagen global sales up

Volkswagen has done it again. The number of deliveries has increased despite a current global automotive industry slowdown. In November alone the company’s main brands delivered 452,900 vehicles worldwide which represents a 15 per cent increase. Last year the company delivered 395,500 vehicles in November. Volkswagen Passenger vehicle deliveries have increased by 12.4 per cent(…)

Will the Volkswagen UP! Be sold in India?

There is some unfortunate news for visitors of the 2012 Indian Auto Show. They will not see the highly anticipated Volkswagen UP! at the Indian Motor Show this year. Mumbai beach appearance raises questions Some fans may be surprised at the news as the car was spotted on Mumbai beach earlier this year. Many were(…)

The Volkswagen Beetle to arrive in India

Volkswagen has announced that they are bringing the new generation Volkswagen Beetle to India. It will be showcased to fans at the Indian Auto Expo 2012 in January. Its display is sure to grab plenty of headlines. Praise throughout other parts of the world We have already discussed how the 3rd generation of the Volkswagen(…)

Volkswagen Fleet Services using “MoDel”

Volkswagen Fleet Services have begun a three month trial of Ebbon-Dacs’ MoDel electronic vehicle delivery and collection solution. Overall the company hope to create better customer satisfaction and improve efficiency in the way that vehicles are provided to their fleet clients. The new scheme will be used from 17 out of Volkswagen’s 65 fleet business(…)