A close look at SEAT Mii

SEAT confirmed earlier this month that they will introduce the new Mii city car to their line-up. Fans were also given a taste of what the five door variant will look like too. Ecomotive version The car’s Ecomotive will specialise in being as economical as possible. It will emit just 96 g/km of C02. With(…)

Volkswagen edging closer to buying Porsche

After months and months of speculation and legal tangles, Volkswagen are heading that bit closer to the purchase of Porsche. Volkswagen the world’s second largest car maker and Europe’s largest are set to buy out the remaining 50.1 per cent in Porsche to gain full ownership. An umbrella company According to reports from the automotive(…)

Volkswagen profit up by more than 50%

Volkswagen has announced in February that profit margins have tremendously increased. Profits for Europe’s number one car producer now stand at $20.5 billion with revenue up by 25%. This equates to earnings from 2010 being doubled. That will certainly read well with Volkswagen executives. Last year Volkswagen’s profit was approximately $9.2 billion. Volkswagen said in(…)

Volkswagen one of many to pull out of investments in India

Today we bring you some news on Volkswagen from India. Along with Mahindra and Bajaj, Volkswagen may pull out of investments made in Maharashtra, (Western India) due to VAT issues. All three companies have a setup in Chakan which is located near Pune. If Mahindra were to pull out of the investment, this would cost(…)

The Skoda Citigo first drive

Due for release this summer, many expert testers have got the chance to drive the production vehicle. Many have praised the vehicle as Skoda’s missing link, as they do not possess a city car within their line-up. Could this be the car to help change the fortunes of the automaker? A number of first’s for(…)

Volkswagen Sharan released in Malaysia

Volkswagen Sharan is the latest car to be released in Malaysia. It has a 2.0 litre TSI turbocharged engine and will be mated to a six speed transmission. The Sharan will be able to produce 200 BHP. It will be able to reach 0 – 62 MPH in just 8.3 seconds. High level of equipment(…)

Volkswagen Group Sales up by 1.3%

Volkswagen has recorded sales growth globally for January. Last year Europe’s largest manufacturer sold 644,200 cars whereas this year’s figures saw a 652,500 sales figure. Overall this results in growth of 1.3%. North American sales Volkswagen is showing great progress in the North American region. January saw total sales figures of 53,500 which is up(…)

Volkswagen to bring new 800 cc car to India, Brazil and China

The markets of India, Brazil and China are catered for smaller cars.  Volkswagen is looking to build on their recent success within all three countries by introducing a brand new car having variants of 800cc and 1.2 L with the respective car markets.  Volkswagen small cars in India Developing small cars specialised for India is(…)

A new Lamborghini SUV confirmed

Lamborghini will be releasing a new SUV it has been confirmed. The sports car company, whose parent Volkswagen are currently experiencing huge growth at present, will make the car public in April at the Beijing Motor Show. This is part of a strategy to introduce three new cars by 2016 which include the new Aventador(…)

Is Volkswagen the world’s top car producer? Or is it General Motors?

General Motors have been officially unveiled as the world’s number car provider following sales results of 2011. Volkswagen has been sensationally arguing that claim however. Volkswagen believes that affiliate sales should count too. Official figures do not include sales of their MAN SE truck brand in which they own a majority stake as well as(…)