Volkswagen Scirocco GTS to be presented at the Leipzig Motor Show

The Volkswagen Scirocco GTS will be presented at the 2012 Leipzig Auto International Motor Show. Fans and automotive journalists are excited by the news with many expecting the car to be best Scirocco yet. A brand new generation The new Volkswagen Scirocco GTS represents a whole new generation of the vehicle. It will come with(…)

Volkswagen enters the small business leasing market

Volkswagen has entered into the small business leasing market which will target small and medium enterprises.Volkswagen believes that the idea has a great deal of potential to be successful. It has been estimated that there are one million Small Medium Enterprises operating across the United Kingdom that require the use of company vehicles. When a(…)

Volkswagen CC R-Line with a Golf GTI engine

The brand new American bound Volkswagen CC R-Line will get the engine from the Volkswagen Golf GTI. Volkswagen clearly wants to distinguish the vehicle from the model that it replaces, the Volkswagen Passat CC, which really didn’t have much appeal in terms of sportiness and speed. Turbocharged 200 BHP engine The 2.0 litre TSI engine(…)

Volkswagen Golf Alltrack on its way

Volkswagen has confirmed that the Golf Alltrack will be put into production. Both will follow the Volkswagen Passat Alltrack which has just been recently introduced. It has been suggested that the vehicle will go on sale in the year 2015. Different names for different areas Interestingly the car will have the title of being the(…)

Volkswagen calls for your help to make their batteries better

Volkswagen is offering a €50,000 reward to the winner of an award named the “Science Award for Electrochemistry”. One of the biggest Science Awards ever Combining with BASF, a well-known chemical company Volkswagen are ultimately looking for suggestions to make efficient electric batteries.  This will not be a one off either; the award is set(…)

The new Volkswagen Golf GTI

Today we review the latest version of one of the most iconic cars in the history of the UK car industry, the Volkswagen Golf GTI. Everyone knows and loves it. It has been firmly established for the last 30 + years. The GTI has cemented itself as one of the best sporty hatchbacks in the(…)

Volkswagen to roll out DAB radios across the range

There have been some recent concerns that not all vehicles are ready are DAB radio’s. This has not stopped Volkswagen from rolling out the technology across all models from 2013. This means all Volkswagen 2013 models will have a DAB digital radio system over the conventional type of manual radio. It is not just for(…)

Porsche Panamera Review

The Porsche Panamera is an expensive car to purchase and own but there are so many great qualities which justify owning one.  We take a look at why the car is so great in our review today. Equipment Even the standard version of the Panamera has all the luxuries you need. This includes cruise control,(…)

A new job role created at Volkswagen UK

Volkswagen UK has developed a brand new role within their UK division – named the Quality Director. Leaving her job as Audi UK Manager Alison Jones has been named as the first person to enter this specific job. She is the current Chief of Audi UK but will take up her new role on June(…)

Volkswagen Beetle restored in South Africa

January 18th 1979 was the last time a Volkswagen Beetle was produced over in South Africa. The car was inducted into the Volkswagen museum (now named the AutoPavillion) after gaining a reputation as one of the countries’s best selling cars. Production from 1951 to 1979 With production occurring from August 1951 to January 1979, there(…)