The new Volkswagen Golf revealed in Berlin

The new Volkswagen Golf has been shown off in Berlin first rather than the Paris Motor Show. The seventh generation model is still expected to be one the highlights of the event. It has been 36 years since the car was first unveiled and has gone on to be one of the most successful selling(…)

Volkswagen Golf GTI leaked online

New generation Volkswagen Golf GTI’s are always highly anticipated. That was the case this time round too as images appeared online before any official images have been released. The car was originally meant to be shown for the first time at the Paris Motor Show, next week on Thursday. Here a concept version on the(…)

Volkswagen Beetle Design

The Volkswagen Beetle Design 2.0 TDI DSG looks like being a suitable vehicle to carry the flag for the iconic car. After recently making it’s come back, the new generation Beetle’s have been making headlines all over the world. This time round they will not be seen as feminine orientated cars. They have designed to(…)

The SEAT Leon all ready for Paris

The SEAT Leon will be unleashed at the Paris Motor Show for the first time. The show begins next week, being one of the biggest events in the automotive calendar, being held every two years. There is a lot of weight being placed on the shoulders on the car. SEAT has said that it is(…)

The Volkswagen Amarok to get a special Canyon Edition

The Volkswagen Amarok was already a vehicle that was especially suited to a specific area of the market. Despite that, it will be made even more special. Volkswagen has announced that a new Amarok Canyon Edition is to be released. The Canyon special edition will be released in 2013. The concept has already been seen(…)

The brand new Volkswagen Polo saloon brought to the Middle East

The Volkswagen Polo saloon has been launched in the Middle East. It’s the latest addition from the German company who already have various other saloon vehicles on the market, including the Passat and the Jetta. The line-up of saloons are now said to be complete. The new saloon has been placed on the market under(…)

Volkswagen’s high hopes for their new 2013 Golf

Volkswagen is banking on their new 2013 Golf to help propel them to the top of the worldwide sales charts ahead of Toyota and General Motors. Last year the company managed to finish second, ahead of 2010’s number one Toyota. It was General Motors who managed to secure the top spot thanks to a great(…)

Volkswagen cuts the sales target

Volkswagen, Europe’s number one car brand and the world’s number two have surprisingly been struggling this year. They have therefore decided to cut their internal sales target for 2012 by a massive 150,000 units. If Volkswagen is feeling the pinch of the Euro Zone crisis, what hope is there for brands such as Renault, Peugeot(…)

The new Volkswagen Golf MK7

The brand new 2013 Volkswagen Golf MK7 looks like making a great impact on the worldwide car market when released. According to the manufacturers themselves, the car is more economical, faster and safer. All newer cars from any car brand come with the same hype. This time round it appears that those words may be(…)

Volkswagen to join General Motors and invest big in the Russian car market

Despite the failings of the overall European car market, Russia has proven to be a real bright spot in the region. Whereas car makers are fairly reluctant to invest in countries such as Spain, the UK and Italy to name a few, Volkswagen and General Motors are more than happy to invest over €1 billion(…)