Volkswagen to join General Motors and invest big in the Russian car market

Despite the failings of the overall European car market, Russia has proven to be a real bright spot in the region. Whereas car makers are fairly reluctant to invest in countries such as Spain, the UK and Italy to name a few, Volkswagen and General Motors are more than happy to invest over €1 billion(…)

Volkswagen will not be shutting down a factory

Just as Vauxhall have announced that they are to temporarily close two of their plants, Volkswagen have denied that they are about to carry out the same form of action. Reports in Germany claimed that Volkswagen were about to shut down a factory with an alarming performance in the European car market recently. All problems(…)

Volkswagen developing an outstanding 235 MPG car

What’s the average MPG figure of your vehicle? 40, 50, 60 MPG? That’s nothing compared to what Volkswagen have in store. Their new hybrid in the making is expected to hit 235 MPG. The model named the Volkswagen XL1 has been all over auto headlines since it was displayed at the Qatar Motor Show in(…)