Volkswagen to ‘rotate’ major roles and EU to investigate

Still in the aftermath of September’s emissions scandal, Volkswagen has announced a few details of their future plans. The biggest change will affect the engine-related employees and how long they can do a certain job role before they are ‘rotated’. VW hope this will improve oversight and prevent anything like the scandal happening again. Hans(…)

Volkswagen “relentlessly searching” for emissions scandal culprits

“The situation is not dramatic, but it is intense… We are fighting for every customer and every car,” says VW CEO Matthias Müller. Last Thursday Volkswagen gave the most detailed admission about the emissions scandal so far, during a press conference in Germany. Hans Dieter Pötsch, the VW chairman, and CEO Matthias Müller spoke on(…)

Volkswagen’s UK & US sales plunge after emissions scandal

We can see storm clouds about to ruin this optimistic blue sky… Unsurprisingly, the emissions scandal has brought Volkswagen more bad news this month. Sales of VW products in the UK have dropped by almost 20% and in the US they’ve plummeted 25%. Official findings from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) show(…)