Second hand Volkswagens ‘holding their value’

Despite the emissions scandal, second hand VW’s are holding their value well, a leading motoring magazine has revealed. According to leading industry magazine What Car? VW’s that are either three years old or have done 36,000 miles, are typically worth 42.21% of their original value, only a 2.7% drop from September 2015, just before the(…)

Two door GTI is dead

All things must pass; in this case it’s the VW GTI two door edition which is to be no more. At Volkswagen’s full-line launch event today, Hendrik Muth Volkswagen’s marketing chief confirmed the news: “The trend is shifting towards four-door models.” Previously VW had suggested that the two door would continue at least 2017, but(…)

VW looks into Chinese electric car joint venture

On Wednesday, Volkswagen and China’s Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Company signed an agreement that signalled the beginning of a joint exploration of electric car development. This is another example of how the German automaker is leaning further towards this area following the diesel emissions scandal. VW is looking to solidify its position long-term as one of(…)

VW may have broken EU consumer rules

A top EU official has revealed that Volkswagen may have broken European Union consumer protection rules. This follows on from a raft of complaints lodged against the German automaker following the diesel emissions scandal. In September 2015, the United States discovered a device in numerous VW diesel models that gave lower then accurate emissions readings(…)