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Servicing Stop began in 2008 with the vision to deliver high quality, convenient car servicing at a cost effective prices. Founders Oliver and Toby Richmond have created a successful company which allows customers to get their car serviced at their own convenience. Servicing Stop has over 1000 garages nationwide and continues to be the UK’s number one car service provider.

Servicing your Volkswagen with Servicing Stop

Servicing Stop have serviced thousands of Volkswagens the past.  We have valuable experience and expertise in carrying the job to the highest standards. Every service follows the manufactures recommended service schedule.  The highest quality equipment is used with only brand new OEM approved parts used. Our mechanics and technicians are highly qualified and experienced. Your car service will be completed with the upmost professionalism and care.

We offer you convenience by collecting and delivering your car on the same day for free. Your car will also receive a free wash and vacuum.

We always make things easier for you to understand. Our specially trained and knowledgeable staffs are always happy to answer any technical and general questions you may have.

No longer have to pay inflated prices

The Block exemption law which was introduced in 2003 meant that motorists are no longer restricted to using only main dealers for their car servicing.

Servicing Stop’s independent garages can carry out your service leaving your warranty unaffected. This effectively means you won’t pay inflated prices that main dealers charge when car serviced with us.

Why use Servicing Stop

  • Typically 60% cheaper than the main dealer
  • Manufactures warranty not affected
  • Manufactures recommended service schedule followed
  • One year guarantee on both parts and labour
  • Instant quote, book your service easily
  • Brand new pre-approved parts used
  • Compliant equipment used only
  • Free collection and delivery from your work or home
  • Helpful staff ready to assist you on technical queries or anything else

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