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Volkswagen’s UK Servicing Plans

At Servicing Stop, we know all about car servicing and repairs as we offer the most unique and hassle free car service available in the country. But recently however, Volkswagen in their local dealerships nationwide, have unveiled a new plan which they believe will modernise the car servicing experience they already offer. What the company(…)

The Amarok is Getting its Facelift for 2016

The Volkswagen Amarok is receiving a facelift for 2016 following a six year stint on the international market. This comes at a very good time for VW as they attempt to regain both trust and popularity in the American market. A facelift to an international pick-up truck is therefore the best course of action. The(…)

Volkswagen Just Set a New Record

The Volkswagen Golf is a vehicle that has consistently sold well in the UK for a long time now. There have been many versions of the vehicle including model styles, amount of doors and seven different generations spanning from 1974 to the present. But now, Volkswagen has created a new Golf to add to the(…)

Volkswagen Bosses Receive Tasty Bonuses for 2015

We are very sorry to keep on talking about the Volkswagen scandal that hit the headlines in September 2015 but, as more information is unveiled, the more we have to talk about really. This time round, the most recent news concerns the bonuses received by VW’s bosses in 2015. It has just been reported that(…)

Volkswagen Plan Huge Chinese Investment

After the emissions scandal which shook the automotive world in September 2015, Volkswagen have been hit by falling share prices, poor sales and huge bills as a result of the scandal. So, how is Volkswagen planning to counter the fallout of the scandal and start making profits again? Well Volkswagens plan is to invest in(…)

Volkswagen Are the World’s Top Car Seller

As the first quarter of the year is over, some businesses have release their official selling figures. The companies of the automotive world are therefore no different. But after all of the scandals that have shocked the motoring world in recent months, it has turned out that Volkswagen, the company who danced with the devil,(…)

How Well Did Volkswagen Do Financially?

It is that time of year when the Finances of the world’s biggest companies are released. The general public learns about them whilst economists scrutinise them, some however use it as a gauge to predict the future. So, what financial situation is Volkswagen in? And what does their future look like? Well of course the(…)

Volkswagen and the UK Government

The Volkswagen emissions scandal has been in the news for months and months now. As the full story and the compensation packages are becoming clearer to the general public, UK motorists are starting to wonder what is going to happen here in regards to their defect vehicles. The US has been at the centre of(…)

Volkswagen Create Post-Scandal Business Plan

Since the emissions scandal rocked the motoring world, Volkswagen has tried to ensure that they will bounce back as a reputable company again. Volkswagen like any other business in that situation, have created a plan in order to deal with the 11 million cars that were installed with the emissions cheating software. That plan involves(…)

Volkswagen’s Plans After the Emissions Scandal

In regards to Volkswagen, there is little people have to talk about other than the ongoing emissions scandal. But, as it seems to be coming to an end, it is now Volkswagens turn to decide what they are going to do about their future. So, what is VW’s next step? And how are they going(…)