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Volkswagen to bring new 800 cc car to India, Brazil and China

The markets of India, Brazil and China are catered for smaller cars.  Volkswagen is looking to build on their recent success within all three countries by introducing a brand new car having variants of 800cc and 1.2 L with the respective car markets.  Volkswagen small cars in India Developing small cars specialised for India is(…)

A new Lamborghini SUV confirmed

Lamborghini will be releasing a new SUV it has been confirmed. The sports car company, whose parent Volkswagen are currently experiencing huge growth at present, will make the car public in April at the Beijing Motor Show. This is part of a strategy to introduce three new cars by 2016 which include the new Aventador(…)

Is Volkswagen the world’s top car producer? Or is it General Motors?

General Motors have been officially unveiled as the world’s number car provider following sales results of 2011. Volkswagen has been sensationally arguing that claim however. Volkswagen believes that affiliate sales should count too. Official figures do not include sales of their MAN SE truck brand in which they own a majority stake as well as(…)

Scania India makes new investment

Scania Commercial Vehicles in India have been operating in India since 2007 to great effect. They are now performing so well that they are now investing a total of Rs 150 crore which is approximately £18.9 million so that a new manufacturing facility will be built next year in India. The investment which would mean(…)

Skoda makes a huge impact at the Indian 2012 Delhi Expo

Skoda has done no harm to enhance their reputation at the Indian Delhi Expo. Their line-up at the annual motor show included the Rapid, Laura, Superb, Yeti and Fabia. The new Rapid model will naturally attract the most attention as its name might suggest. Skoda Fabia Scout The new Fabia Scout is one of the(…)

The 5 door Volkswagen UP

Volkswagen has finally revealed more information on the 5 door variant of the Volkswagen UP! The car will naturally appear to be more practical with extra space and 2 extra doors. Accessing the rear seats will be easier. The appeal to small families will certainly be greatly enhanced. The 5 door variant of the city(…)

The new 2012 Volkswagen Polo on sale in Australia

The Australian division of Volkswagen have announced prices for their new Polo model. Some prices of previous models have been lowered along with some brand new variants of the Polo being added. Making way for the UP! There is now no more entry level three doors Treadline variant as the brand new Up! City car(…)

Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI Cabriolet review

We have already taken a look at the Golf Cabriolet but today we inspect the specific 1.4 TSI variant. The new Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI Cabriolet was released last year after 9 years of production being halted .It provides a wonderful drive and stunning looks. We discuss why the car is so great and why(…)

Volkswagen sales at their best since the 1970’s

Volkswagen’s January sales are at their best for first time since the early 1970’s. Last month Volkswagen sold 9,354 Volkswagen Jetta sedans and 6,318 Volkswagen Passat’s. The Passat was so good that it was named the Motor trend Car of the year for 2011. Volkswagen Tiguain The Volkswagen Tiguan also had a great part to(…)

The Porsche Panamera GTS

The Porsche Panamera GTS is expected to hit the UK market in February this year. From the images alone, it’s clear to see that it will be one of the most desirable sports in the UK this year. Rivals It will cost a staggering £90,409, rivalling the likes of the Audi R8, Mercedes-Benz CL S63(…)