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Volkswagen is urging its customers to “Think Blue”

Volkswagen Middle East is starting a new campaign whereby they are encouraging customers throughout the region to “Think Blue”. Bluemotion technologies are at the forefront for the company’s environmentally friendly and fuel efficient campaign. In essence, the “Think Blue” campaign is designed to raise awareness of Volkswagen environmentally friendly technology that they use within their(…)

The American Volkswagen Passat

The new American version of the Volkswagen Passat looks like it could be something very special. So much so that some will want to see the car in the UK, even though our model is already outstanding. An European saloon in the American market It has been difficult for successful European Saloon’s to break into(…)

The Volkswagen Amarok

“A pickup for the future” is just one compliment that we could give the Volkswagen Amarok in this review. We believe the vehicle has a host of brilliant features and we will take a look over some of our points in today’s article. Safety Keeping everyone as safe as possible within the vehicle is one(…)

Volkswagen Cross Coupe

The Volkswagen Cross Coupe has been unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show. The concept car was one of the surprises at the annual event this year. Nevertheless it is a significant piece of news as it shows Volkswagen dedication to creating more crossover and SUV models. Could this concept car help the company reach number(…)

Volkswagen LT Review

The Volkswagen LT was a brilliant van during its 10 years of production from 1996 until 2006. The van was eventually discontinued due to rivals offering more sophisticated features. We take a look at some of the van’s best features. The drive Handling the vehicle came easy with power steering offered as standard. The 2.5(…)

Skoda was rescued by Volkswagen after being on the brink of collapse. They seem to have taken an element of the German company’s philosophy. New people’s car Skoda, the Czech car manufacturer, aim to be the new “people’s” car, measuring a growth rate double of Volkswagen, which is making a big statement. Volkswagen attempts to(…)

Volkswagen Caddy Review

The new generation Volkswagen Caddy was released in 2010 and has seen great success. The fourth instalment of the van received a whole load of new features throughout and it has gone down very well. We take a look at our favourite points of the new Caddy. Engine choices There is a choice of four(…)

The new Volkswagen Passat Alltrack

Details of the Volkswagen Passat Alltrack has been uncovered just one week before it’s showcase at the Tokyo Motor Show. 4MOTION It boasts a host of new features compared to the current Passat. These include the extremely advantageous feature of the 4MOTION four wheel drive system. Body protection The car also comes with better exterior(…)

Jonathan Browning optimistic about Volkswagen’s US future

Jonathon Browning, Chief Executive of Volkswagen America, is confident about his division’s future performance in the country. Executives from the company’s German headquarters would certainly be hoping that he is confident as he has the mammoth task of selling 1 million vehicles per year across America by 2018. The company are making great progress towards(…)

The Suzuki and Volkswagen soap opera continues

Suzuki is looking to completely cut ties with Volkswagen.It appears that their two year partnership set to come and end, despite Volkswagen not willing to sell its shares. Suzuki demand that Volkswagen shares are sold Last Friday, it was announced that Suzuki has terminated the deal. As a result Suzuki also asked for Volkswagen to(…)