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Volkswagen Chinese electric car promise

Volkswagen is planning to release new electric cars in China by 2013. Pollution and fuel prices In what is considered a very clever strategy, Volkswagen China is making great steps to meet demand in China. The major problem with cars in the country is the major pollution which is severely damaging the environment. Fuel costs(…)

Volkswagen increase sales by 40% in America

Volkswagen has announced that sales have rose by 40% in the USA. The best in the world The biggest European car manufacturers have said that they expect to overtake Toyota as the world’s largest car producer by 2018. With results like this, they may even achieve that goal quicker than expected. Some experts have anticipated(…)

Volkswagen and Porsche deal near collapse

A deal to merge Volkswagen and Porsche is near collapse, according to reports across the automotive industry. The two year ongoing battle has come across stumbling blocks and obstacles recently, in form of legal tangles and tax complications. Action needed fast Volkswagen themselves have clearly indicated that they don’t want the deal to drag on.(…)

Volkswagen Golf Blue e-motion wins award

The Volkswagen Blue e-motion was a participant in the RAC future car challenge and was the winner within the Most Energy Efficient Regular Car Prototype category. The electric car managed to cover the challenge which was to drive 57 miles from Madeira Drive in Brighton to Pall Mall in London. Confidence A few reports in(…)

Volkswagen donate $1 million to the Anti-Defamation league

Volkswagen has announced that they will donate a staggering amount of $1 million to the Anti-Defamation league (ADL). The Volkswagen donation aims to help the comprehensive diversity education programs. It also represents an ongoing project from the company to help improve the fortunes and lives of those who need it within the countries where the(…)

The Volkswagen secures IIHS Top Safety Pick Award

Volkswagen have done themselves proud in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (otherwise known as the IIHS) This is the ninth time that a Volkswagen model have triumphed in the IIHS ratings for winning the Top Safety Pick Award. The Volkswagen Routan, an American model, was the car to achieve the feat. The actual award(…)

Volkswagen aim high in the Middle East

Volkswagen is attempting to gain a 5% share of the Middle Eastern market. Securing a considerable stake in the Middle East will help Volkswagen achieve their target of becoming the world’s largest car producer by 2018. Some experts have even predicated that the company may even reach that target before then. Other reports claim Volkswagen(…)

Volkswagen show off 3 new models

Volkswagen has showcased three new vehicles in Malaysia, in an attempt to gain a stronger hold on the market. The new Volkswagen models in question are the Jetta, Passat and the Touran. Ricky Tay, the Volkswagen Group Malaysia Managing Director, said that they hope the car’s great value for money will sway customers away from(…)

Volkswagen Up! GT concept

After showcasing the Volkswagen Up! Early this year, but now a GT concept version of the car has been revealed. The Volkswagen GT Up! is a powerful version and sporty version of the original car. Don’t expect it to provide phenomenal speed and world class handling, but it provides an engaging and exciting drive for(…)

A brand new Volkswagen Passat CC

The new Volkswagen Passat CC has had a major facelift ahead of its appearance at the Los Angles Motor Show. It looks a lot more modern, sporty with a number of exciting features added. Enhanced looks The front of the car has a newly designed front bumper and grille. It helps keep the car’s family(…)