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Volkswagen Passat 1.4 TSI in Singapore

The Volkswagen Passat 1.4 TSI is due for release in Singapore. The mid-size saloon model has it all, practicality, efficiency and style. Efficiency is majorly important in Singapore as vehicles with bigger engines need to pay more tax. For that reason Volkswagen has decided to downgrade their engine down to 1.4 litres, an engine well(…)

Bentley and Lamborghini SUV’s delayed

Reports from the automotive industry confirm that Bentley and Lamborghini SUV’s will be delayed. Holding company Volkswagen have the made the decision in order to save cash. Volkswagen are said to be hitting a crisis, a completely unthinkable and unimaginable situation in 2011. The European car sales crisis seems to have finally caught up with(…)

Skoda Octavia deals

The Skoda Octavia has special deals on both petrol and diesel models. Recently the company hit the headlines after unveiling the Rapid at the Paris Motor Show. This has somewhat distracted customers attention away from the Octavia, prompting Skoda to offer discounts. The Rapid sits in between the Fabia and the Octavia in terms of(…)

The amazing Porsche Spyder…918

The Porsche 918 Spyder is a car to be reckoned with. The racing car has a tough rival to contend with, the McLaren P1. Both will offer an interesting battle in the sales charts, being two of the fastest road cars ever. We first saw the Porsche in 2010 at the Geneva Motor Show. It(…)

Volkswagen Golf MK7 prices revealed

The stunning new Volkswagen Golf MK7 prices have been revealed. The basic entry level version will start at £16,330. The car was recently seen at the Paris Motor Show as was the GTI version. Looks wise, it is fairly difficult to distinguish between the outgoing model and the seventh generation model. What has changed is(…)

Skoda India sales increases

Skoda sales have increased in India. Foreign automakers are attempting to make more of an impact in one of the world’s fastest growing car markets. Skoda has been making great strides in doing so. The rise in fuel prices and overall auto market expenses casted doubt over whether any auto maker could pull off a(…)

Skoda Rapid prices revealed

Skoda Rapid prices were unveiled this week. The new model will cost between £12,900 for the entry level Rapid S and £17,850 for the Rapid Elegance. The car goes on sale on the 12th November. The Rapid will feature Skoda’s new generation of design. We have already seen an example of this at the Geneva(…)

The new Volkswagen Golf revealed in Berlin

The new Volkswagen Golf has been shown off in Berlin first rather than the Paris Motor Show. The seventh generation model is still expected to be one the highlights of the event. It has been 36 years since the car was first unveiled and has gone on to be one of the most successful selling(…)

Volkswagen Golf GTI leaked online

New generation Volkswagen Golf GTI’s are always highly anticipated. That was the case this time round too as images appeared online before any official images have been released. The car was originally meant to be shown for the first time at the Paris Motor Show, next week on Thursday. Here a concept version on the(…)

Volkswagen Beetle Design

The Volkswagen Beetle Design 2.0 TDI DSG looks like being a suitable vehicle to carry the flag for the iconic car. After recently making it’s come back, the new generation Beetle’s have been making headlines all over the world. This time round they will not be seen as feminine orientated cars. They have designed to(…)