Volkswagen press conference crashed by comedian at Geneva Motor Show

The emissions scandal has truly played out like a Greek play; first there was tragedy, now comedy. During a press conference for their recently unveiled ‘turbocharged’ Up! city car, Volkswagen board member Juergen Stackmann was interrupted by a protestor who came on stage to fix a ‘cheat box’ to the vehicle – a not-exactly subtle(…)

Volkswagen CEO optimistic customers will forgive emissions scandal

Volkswagen boss is confident in his vision of a sunnier, brighter future for the company… he can just about make it out through the heavily polluted emission clouds. Volkswagen Group CEO Matthias Mueller announced he is confident that the beleaguered automobile company will eventually regain the trust of its customers following the emissions scandal that(…)

Volkswagen emissions scandal reparations may include building electric cars in US

Taking the idea of building back trust very literally, Volkswagen may be expected to start manufacturing electric cars in the United States to put the emissions scandal behind them. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has reportedly asked the German automaker to begin manufacturing electric cars in the US, as part of ongoing negotiations concerning the(…)

Volkswagen’s emission scandal tarnishes whole auto industry’s reputation

There was a time when people believed that there was no such thing as bad publicity, all press is good press, the only thing worse than being talked about was not being talked about etc, etc. Well, Volkswagen would politely disagree. The emission scandal that didn’t just cause a ripple but a whole tsunami of(…)

Fourth US state joins legal action against Volkswagen

Bye, Bye Miss American Pie – Volkswagen get a fresh serving of legal woes from the home of the red, white and blue as New Jersey files a lawsuit over emissions scandal. Following the lead of fellow states Texas, New Mexico and West Virginia, New Jersey is just one more voice joining the chorus denouncing(…)

Volkswagen managers were informed about cheat device probes in 2014

The emissions scandal is the big, polluted raincloud that just won’t let the sun shine on Volkswagen. As if the German carmaker’s fortune couldn’t get much worse, it has been revealed that senior managers were warned about a possible probe into cheat device software installed on the cars as early as May 2014. According to(…)

Volkswagen “relentlessly searching” for emissions scandal culprits

“The situation is not dramatic, but it is intense… We are fighting for every customer and every car,” says VW CEO Matthias Müller. Last Thursday Volkswagen gave the most detailed admission about the emissions scandal so far, during a press conference in Germany. Hans Dieter Pötsch, the VW chairman, and CEO Matthias Müller spoke on(…)

VW reveals EU fix for emissions scandal cars

Volkswagen has (finally) revealed details of their proposed emissions fix. Of the 11 million cars affected worldwide, the majority are in Europe. This week we’ve learnt how those affected in the EU will be fixed and, actually, it’s very simple. A bit too simple considering the lengths they went to cheat, but that’s for another(…)

Volkswagen unveils two new Beetles for 2016

Debuting at the L.A Motor Show this week are two new 2016 Beetles from Volkswagen… who cleverly left the diesels at home. The German carmaker is keeping a relatively low profile (and apologising profusely) after the emissions scandal, but still managed to create a buzz around its new models. We think fans of the popular bug(…)

VW round-up: $1,000 gift cards, whistle-blower amnesty deal, Müller out?

When I read the constant stream of scandalous Volkswagen news, I can’t help but sing Uh oh, we’re in trouble, something’s (the EPA’s findings) come along and it’s burst our bubble (of toxic emissions), yeah yeah in my head. Actually, I bet Matthias Müller would rock that on karaoke at the VW Christmas party. All jokes aside though, VW are in trouble.(…)