VW admit CO2 emissions “irregularities” in 800,000 vehicles

Volkswagen is still driving into the eye of the storm – probably because it’s hard to see amongst all those toxic emissions – and now it’s pumping out CO2 like it’s going out of fashion. If we’re going down, we’re taking the ozone layer with us! Bit harsh? I suppose we should give them credit(…)

Volkswagen reports first quarterly loss in 15 years

Looks like the toxic emissions spluttering out of that 2007 Volkswagen Passat aren’t the only grey clouds forming over the German carmakers. Volkswagen posted a quarterly loss this morning, their first in 15 years. The German heavyweights reported a huge operating loss of €3.48bn in the third quarter, compared to the €3.2bn profit they made a(…)

Volkswagen announces new Phaeton EV… Coincidence?

With the aftermath of the recent emissions scandal still fresh, Volkswagen aims for some positive press with the announcement of their new, battery-powered flagship: the next-gen Phaeton. A smart direction away from diesel, but was it a calculated move? For those who remember the original Phaeton model that became available in 2002, sales were its(…)

Volkswagen and Renault warn of market slowdown

Volkswagen, Europe’s number one car provider along with Renault have warned that there could be a huge market slowdown in ‘emerging markets’. Jerome Stroll, the Head of Sales at Renault said times are difficult at the moment from newer emerging markets despite the news of a recovery from the European market. Mr Stroll mention this(…)

The luxurious new Volkswagen Passat makes its debut in the Middle East

The Middle East, as you can imagine is no stranger to luxurious types of vehicles but this time round but the Volkswagen Passat is sure to have a great impact in the region. The car is set to be released in the Middle East, with it offering a great amount of desirable and luxury features(…)

The Volkswagen Jetta hybrid sets brand new world record

Perhaps the best way for a car to be marketed is to set a brand new world record. Volkswagen have done just that with their new Jetta Hybrid model. The car has been recorded as being the fastest production hybrid car ever, hitting speeds of 185.395 miles per hour. The speed trail took place at(…)

Volkswagen Beetle restored in South Africa

January 18th 1979 was the last time a Volkswagen Beetle was produced over in South Africa. The car was inducted into the Volkswagen museum (now named the AutoPavillion) after gaining a reputation as one of the countries’s best selling cars. Production from 1951 to 1979 With production occurring from August 1951 to January 1979, there(…)

Porsche car production business profit increased by 22%

Porsche’s car making business has seen profits rise by 22 per cent. The company’s overall profits took a huge dent thanks to the Volkswagen takeover saga but the company’s car making business is showing fully taking advantage of the current booming luxury car demand. Porsche earnings before tax increased to €2.05 billion which is an(…)

2012 will mean profit for Porsche

Porsche have spoken to the automotive press claiming that 2012 will be a profitable year. The reason behind that projection is an expected upcoming increase in demand for the Porsche 911. In 2011 Porsche deliveries were up by 22 per cent, selling a total of 119,000. However profit was down. Valuation of the merger cost(…)

Porsche 911 review

The 911 is perhaps the most famous of all Porsche’s. In our review today we discover exactly why the 911 is one of the most desired vehicles on the car market today. Performance We start off with the performance attribute as the 911 is built is deliver a thrilling drive with plenty of speed. The(…)