Volkswagen is urging its customers to “Think Blue”

Volkswagen Middle East is starting a new campaign whereby they are encouraging customers throughout the region to “Think Blue”. Bluemotion technologies are at the forefront for the company’s environmentally friendly and fuel efficient campaign. In essence, the “Think Blue” campaign is designed to raise awareness of Volkswagen environmentally friendly technology that they use within their(…)

The Volkswagen Amarok

“A pickup for the future” is just one compliment that we could give the Volkswagen Amarok in this review. We believe the vehicle has a host of brilliant features and we will take a look over some of our points in today’s article. Safety Keeping everyone as safe as possible within the vehicle is one(…)

Volkswagen Cross Coupe

The Volkswagen Cross Coupe has been unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show. The concept car was one of the surprises at the annual event this year. Nevertheless it is a significant piece of news as it shows Volkswagen dedication to creating more crossover and SUV models. Could this concept car help the company reach number(…)

Volkswagen LT Review

The Volkswagen LT was a brilliant van during its 10 years of production from 1996 until 2006. The van was eventually discontinued due to rivals offering more sophisticated features. We take a look at some of the van’s best features. The drive Handling the vehicle came easy with power steering offered as standard. The 2.5(…)

Skoda was rescued by Volkswagen after being on the brink of collapse. They seem to have taken an element of the German company’s philosophy. New people’s car Skoda, the Czech car manufacturer, aim to be the new “people’s” car, measuring a growth rate double of Volkswagen, which is making a big statement. Volkswagen attempts to(…)

Volkswagen Caddy Review

The new generation Volkswagen Caddy was released in 2010 and has seen great success. The fourth instalment of the van received a whole load of new features throughout and it has gone down very well. We take a look at our favourite points of the new Caddy. Engine choices There is a choice of four(…)

Volkswagen aim high in the Middle East

Volkswagen is attempting to gain a 5% share of the Middle Eastern market. Securing a considerable stake in the Middle East will help Volkswagen achieve their target of becoming the world’s largest car producer by 2018. Some experts have even predicated that the company may even reach that target before then. Other reports claim Volkswagen(…)

Volkswagen show off 3 new models

Volkswagen has showcased three new vehicles in Malaysia, in an attempt to gain a stronger hold on the market. The new Volkswagen models in question are the Jetta, Passat and the Touran. Ricky Tay, the Volkswagen Group Malaysia Managing Director, said that they hope the car’s great value for money will sway customers away from(…)

Volkswagen’s profit for 2010 equalled in first 9 months

Volkswagen profits for 2011 have already reached the same level as what it did in the whole of last year. In yet again another profit busting article about Volkswagen today, we reported yesterday how sales in India and America have grown. There was more to the story, as the title of this article suggests. We(…)

The Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 litre TDI 110 Bluemotion

Today we review the 2011 Volkswagen Tiguan Bluemotion. It’s the latest car in the companies promising Bluemotion range. It will be the entry level S trim Tiguan variant. We take a look and see as to whether the car is all it is hyped up to be. Bluemotion Bluemotion is the Volkswagen way of making(…)