Volkswagen’s winter tyre scheme

Volkswagen is the latest company to begin a winter tyres scheme. Following Audi and Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen hope to make their customer’s cars safer with their latest scheme. As we have asked before on our previous winter tyres articles, is there a need for them? The winters of previous years have caused chaos on the roads.(…)

Volkswagen to add leather upholstery as standard for Golf

Volkswagen is further improving the appeal of the Golf by giving all models leather seats as standard. The Volkswagen Golf has turned into something of an icon. Its appeal is already huge and remains as one of the nation’s favourite cars. This will certainly come as great news to fans, who may have not needed(…)

Volkswagen and Suzuki continue their dispute

Volkswagen has missed a deadline set by Suzuki to retract their claim that the Japanese company had breached their contract agreement. Where does this Volkswagen and Suzuki? Is there any chance for their strained relationship to be revived? It would appear not after Volkswagen failed to apologise to withdraw their statement. Volkswagen and Suzuki  were(…)

Volkswagen Phaeton Review

The Volkswagen Phaeton exposed the company to the luxury high end car market. We take a look at the version that lasted from 2003 right up until it was replaced this year. Looks The car’s exterior has been greatly compared to the Volkswagen Passat. Similar features of the Passat include the front of the car,(…)

Volkswagen set to take over MAN SE

Volkswagen’s proposed takeover of MAN SE has taken a huge step in the right direction with the EU Commission giving their approval. Europe’s largest car manufacturer announced the news at the beginning of the week that their offer is in line with regulations. The main reasoning behind the approval? The EU said despite the proposed(…)

Volkswagen and Porsche merger deal halted

Volkswagen and Porsche were meant to merge but the deal has been held up. A supposedly brilliant deal for both parties involved has hit a stumbling block, in form of a legal hurdle. The news has left Porsche worse off with their shares falling somewhat dramatically in the stock market. This may have come as(…)

Bluemotion Technology in Volkswagen Cars

Various different car manufacturers are looking to the future. They are all adopting cleaner and more eco-friendly technologies to run their cars, investing millions at a time when doing so. Many need to adopt ways of doing so as pollution produced from cars is indeed causing the environment major damage. Volkswagen’s attempt at being more(…)