Volkswagen Future Models

The new Volkswagen Tiguan set for spring 2016

Before the emissions-shaped storm hit the car industry, Volkswagen introduced the second generation Tiguan to the public. VW, quite literally the day before the scandal broke, unveiled the new SUV to positive reviews at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. The first generation Tiguan has sold 2.64 million units worldwide since its release in 2007.(…)

Volkswagen announces new Phaeton EV… Coincidence?

With the aftermath of the recent emissions scandal still fresh, Volkswagen aims for some positive press with the announcement of their new, battery-powered flagship: the next-gen Phaeton. A smart direction away from diesel, but was it a calculated move? For those who remember the original Phaeton model that became available in 2002, sales were its(…)

All New Volkswagen C Coupe GTE

All New Volkswagen C Coupe GTE Volkswagen had released all new Volkswagen C Coupe GTE, which has been designed to be released solely into the Chinese market, but no official release date has been set by Volkswagen. Larger than normal Volkswagen This Volkswagen is told to measure 199.7 inches in length, which is unusually large(…)

The new 2014 Volkswagen Scirocco

The new 2014 Volkswagen Scirocco has been released. The car is very popular here in the UK, with the new generation selling exceptionally well here since its release in 2008. In fact the UK is the world’s second biggest market for the Scirocco, with China being the biggest. From it’s release in 2008 until the(…)

The new Skoda vRS Blackline

Looking at the new Skoda vRS Blackline, it’s quite obvious to see that the company are no longer a laughing matter. This particular model is a limited edition model. There will be just 500 models here in the UK. You may have worked that out from the humours advert which was recently released, which stated(…)

The new Volkswagen Passat Alltrack

Details of the Volkswagen Passat Alltrack has been uncovered just one week before it’s showcase at the Tokyo Motor Show. 4MOTION It boasts a host of new features compared to the current Passat. These include the extremely advantageous feature of the 4MOTION four wheel drive system. Body protection The car also comes with better exterior(…)

A new Volkswagen Phaeton due for 2015

It has been announced that the new generation Volkswagen Phaeton will be available in 2015. This is the first major rejuvenation of the car since it has been released. The car hasn’t been as successful as the German car manufacturing giant had originally planned. It hasn’t sold that well, leaving today’s announcement as a bit(…)

The Volkswagen Golf GTI 35th edition

A legendary and iconic car, the Volkswagen Golf GTI celebrates its 35th anniversary this year. The company also released its 30th anniversary edition 5 years ago, with this seeming to be a recurring pattern. Nevertheless every car fan is sure to be welcoming of the news. Change on appearance Straight away the alloy wheel design(…)

The 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan

Earlier this year we heard that the Volkswagen Tiguan is to receive a major rejuvenation since 2008. Many maybe surprised as to just how popular the car actually is. Within the Volkswagen’s range, sales are behind the Golf, Polo and Passat, with 8,000 sold every year.  Can the makeover bring above rivals such as the(…)

Volkswagen Caddy 30th anniversary edition

Volkswagen has recently revealed what the new edition of the Caddy will look like at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The latest edition is being released to celebrate its 30th anniversary. It was shown as a concept car and will be put into production in 2012, which is the anniversary year. This comes after the Volkswagen(…)