Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen emissions scandal: one month on…

The Volkswagen emissions cheating is the biggest scandal the automotive industry has seen in a long time, thanks to the constant stream of media reports and new pieces of information appearing daily. And now it looks like the 11 million affected vehicles total could grow higher. In case you haven’t been near a television, computer,(…)

The Volkswagen Golf GTI at the Geneva Motor Show

The Geneva Motor Show was home to the unveiling of the brand new 2013 Golf GTI. There was mainly no difference between the concept version and the production version seen at the motor show. Looks Coming with an aggressive yet sporty body kit, the car looked fast. The spoiler upon the back is subtle but(…)

Volkswagen Golf wins European Car of the Year 2013

The Volkswagen Golf has been named the European car of the Year. The best selling Volkswagen model won in convincing fashion too. The seventh generation Golf managed to secure 414 points from a total of 58 judges. Shocking second place That perhaps was not the most shocking news of the evening. In second place came(…)

Volkswagen Golf

The Golf is possibly the most well-known vehicle in the UK. It’s a fashionable and reliable car which many appeals to a wide range of drivers. Throughout its many generations the car has become iconic. Different generations of the gold are seen on the roads. This proves that they were made to last. It seems(…)