Volkswagen News

Bentley sales rise in 2011

Volkswagen’s super luxury car brand Bentley has seen their sales rise by 37 per cent last year. This is a strong indication that the world’s global car market has reached the levels it was at before the recession hit back in 2009. Worldwide sales In total 7,003 cars were sold worldwide. This is quite a(…)

Volkswagen to standardise their whole group

Reports from the automotive industry suggest that Volkswagen is planning to overhaul their line-up of cars. Part of their 2018 strategy  It is an effort standardises the vehicles technology, components and features. It comes under their overall goal to increase profits and eventually overtake Toyota by the year 2018 as the world’s largest car manufacturer.(…)

The Suzuki and Volkswagen soap opera continues

Suzuki is looking to completely cut ties with Volkswagen.It appears that their two year partnership set to come and end, despite Volkswagen not willing to sell its shares. Suzuki demand that Volkswagen shares are sold Last Friday, it was announced that Suzuki has terminated the deal. As a result Suzuki also asked for Volkswagen to(…)

Volkswagen Chinese electric car promise

Volkswagen is planning to release new electric cars in China by 2013. Pollution and fuel prices In what is considered a very clever strategy, Volkswagen China is making great steps to meet demand in China. The major problem with cars in the country is the major pollution which is severely damaging the environment. Fuel costs(…)

Volkswagen increase sales by 40% in America

Volkswagen has announced that sales have rose by 40% in the USA. The best in the world The biggest European car manufacturers have said that they expect to overtake Toyota as the world’s largest car producer by 2018. With results like this, they may even achieve that goal quicker than expected. Some experts have anticipated(…)

Volkswagen Golf Blue e-motion wins award

The Volkswagen Blue e-motion was a participant in the RAC future car challenge and was the winner within the Most Energy Efficient Regular Car Prototype category. The electric car managed to cover the challenge which was to drive 57 miles from Madeira Drive in Brighton to Pall Mall in London. Confidence A few reports in(…)

The Volkswagen secures IIHS Top Safety Pick Award

Volkswagen have done themselves proud in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (otherwise known as the IIHS) This is the ninth time that a Volkswagen model have triumphed in the IIHS ratings for winning the Top Safety Pick Award. The Volkswagen Routan, an American model, was the car to achieve the feat. The actual award(…)

Volkswagen sees increase in sales and profit again

No this isn’t a replica article of what we have been discussing recently in our blog, Volkswagen sales are up once again. India sales In the tough and competitive markets of India and America, sales were reported to increase by 40% and 67% respectively. Neeraj Garg who is a Member of Board & Director, Volkswagen(…)

Volkswagen hope to resolve Suzuki dispute amicably

Volkswagen has said that they plan to keep their stake in Suzuki as they look resolve their issue in private. No further comments will be made by the German automotive giants as the issue as they look to hold private discussions with Suzuki. A spokesman from Volkswagen was quoted to have said “The discussion between(…)

Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet wins open top car of the year

The Volkswagen Golf has won yet again another award, this time for its Cabriolet variant. It has been the first award for Golf Cabriolet, with it winning the Open-top Car of the Year 2011 prize at the Scottish Car of the Year Awards. The Judges who selected car said it was an entertaining package, economical(…)