Volkswagen News

Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet wins open top car of the year

The Volkswagen Golf has won yet again another award, this time for its Cabriolet variant. It has been the first award for Golf Cabriolet, with it winning the Open-top Car of the Year 2011 prize at the Scottish Car of the Year Awards. The Judges who selected car said it was an entertaining package, economical(…)

A Volkswagen Passat being tested for driverless technology

You hear people saying how brilliant it would be for cars to drive by themselves with no driver needed. This particular piece of technology is closer to being reality it would seem. The Volkswagen Passat is being used in extensive tests around the streets of Berlin.  The car has the intelligence to operate alone with(…)

Volkswagen to invest $85 Billion to become the world’s best

A major announcement has come from the automotive industry in the form of some major Volkswagen investment. Volkswagen is quoted to be investing $85 Billion plus (£54 Billion). The reason behind such a hefty investment? To ultimately become the world’s largest car manufacturer, overtaking Toyota by the year 2018. What will the investment be used(…)