This week has seen reports of Porsches being recalled throughout the world. Official reports confirm that 102,000 Porsche Cayenne SUV’s are being recalled following a headlight problem. A fifth of this figure is based in North America and Canada.

When the affected models were made

The affected models are ones that were built for 2011 and 2012. These particular cars were produced during March 2010 and January 2012.


A public investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) confirmed that the headlight locking system needed to be altered and fixed. This will result in a headlight module no longer becoming unattached during on occasion. A twist lock secures the headlight. If this is not properly secured, the headlight could fall from the car.

The investigation found that the car’s headlights would become unattached when the car takes corners at speed or even slows down and brakes around corners.

There have been a total of 20 cases reported to Porsche for this particular problem in the United States. 39 instances have been reported across the world where the headlight became loose. There were in total 68 cases of when the headlight actually was detached from the vehicle, according to Steve Janisse, Porsche spokesman.

Free of charge and 45 minutes

Porsche, who are half owned by Volkswagen, have said that all affected customers will receive a letter in the post. This will inform them of the repairs needed. All repairs will be carried out for free by Porsche. The actual repair will take just 45 minutes according to an official spokesperson.


The UAW Ministry of Economy have confirmed that 2,910 Cayenne’s are to be recalled from their region. 1,810 of the vehicles belong to A l Naboodah Motors with 1,100 belonging to Ali & Sons Group.

A spokesman from the UAW Ministry of Economy said “The ministry contacted the two dealerships yesterday after the announcement that Porsche was withdrawing 100,000 Cayenne models all over the world.”

China recalls

21,000 Porsche Cayenne’s will be recalled in China an official watchdog confirmed. China is the world’s leading car industry. The luxury car industry is currently experiencing a boom in the country. Many are currently looking to show off their wealth through the car that they drive. This is why sales of Porsche models has recently visited. This recall is sure not have much of a damaging effect on Porsche in China, especially as the fixes are free of charge.