Volkswagen UK has developed a brand new role within their UK division – named the Quality Director.

Leaving her job as Audi UK Manager

Alison Jones has been named as the first person to enter this specific job. She is the current Chief of Audi UK but will take up her new role on June 1st. Her main role will be to improve the standards of the company’s customer service. She must report straight to Volkswagen’s Group Managing Director Simon Thomas.

Other job responsibilities

Miss Jones will head all customer service issues of the Volkswagen Group here in the UK. That will mean coverage of all customer services bases. She will be in charge for the Headquarters for Volkswagen’s customer service centre in Leeds. That means that Miss Jones will be required to delve into issues such as customer insight, market research and customer insight. An extra job responsibility required of Miss Jones is that of undergoing a monthly review of alignment and engagement throughout the whole of Volkswagen.

Looking forward to the challenge

It all sounds very difficult and scary somewhat. However Miss Thomas has stated how she is looking forward to the challenges in her now role saying “I know Alison will relish the challenges involved in giving greater strategic impetus to our drive to deliver industry-leading customer service in all brands, at all levels and in all areas. Our future must be based on a business model that puts the customer at the centre of our planning priorities and builds our growth plans based on a strong foundation of new car purchase loyalty and service retention.”

Previous experience

She went on to explain how her past will help her settle in to her new role fairly quickly. “As a previous head of contact strategy, customer service and after sales in Volkswagen and head of operations in Audi, Alison has extensive experience and a deep understanding of our customers’ needs.”

The problem with overcapacity

Volkswagen seems to be coping better than other mass car producers around Europe but this has not prevented speculation of potential plant closures. Consumer confidence throughout is falling dramatically thanks to the Euro Zone debts. There is a major overcapacity problem as demand unfortunately does not meet the amount cars that are being produced.