General Motors have been officially unveiled as the world’s number car provider following sales results of 2011.

Volkswagen has been sensationally arguing that claim however. Volkswagen believes that affiliate sales should count too. Official figures do not include sales of their MAN SE truck brand in which they own a majority stake as well as Scania AB, another manufacturer of trucks. This would add around 200,000 in the total sales.


Volkswagen has insisted that General Motor’s association with China’s SAIC Motor Corporation are unfairly included in the total figures. The Chinese company build cars for General Motors and sell them in China. The total of SAIC cars built last year equated to a staggering 1.2 million units.

Controlling stake

Some experts believe that some of General Motors figures should be considered as they do not own majority stakes in its partner.

BMW Mercedes-Benz

The whole story is reminiscent of the BMW and Mercedes-Benz battle for top spot earlier this month. Both were battling to become North America’s number one luxury car provider. The fight becomes so intense that both delayed releasing their sales figures. In the end Mercedes-Benz BMW won by a whisper.

Sales figures

General Motors held the top spot for a total of 77 years before Toyota managed to knock them off. The American automotive giants announced sales of over 9 million, the first time General Motors has been able to reach that mark since 2007, just before the global recession kicked in. The sales represented a 7.6 % increase as compared to 2010. Volkswagen were lagging behind selling a total of 8.16 million vehicles according to official figures.

Being number 1 not the main priority

General Motors themselves have said that the company believes in producing vehicles with more quality rather than being world’s largest car provider.

Is Toyota down to number four?

It would appear that no positions in the current world rankings can be confirmed as being stable near the top. Toyota has reportedly dipped to fourth position in terms of sales. The Renault and Nissan alliance have overtaken them reaching number three, with them selling 8.03 million vehicles last year alone.

Final results and disputes are all yet to be concluded, with many arguments and disagreements throughout the industry and press. Who will win this year? Whoever the winner there is sure to be more arguments again.