The Volkswagen Golf R Cabriolet will be one of the most desirable cabriolets on the Australian market, if Volkswagen decides to release it there.

The Worthersee tuning show in 2011, Austria gave away that Volkswagen might have been planning planning a Golf R Cabriolet was due to be released at some point as it was released a concept back then.

It will have a 2.0 litre turbocharged petrol engine just like the concept. The car will contain a four wheel drive system. The choice of gearbox transmissions consists of a six speed manual or a six speed dual clutch DSG.
The vehicle differs from other Golf Cabriolets with larger brakes to contain that extra amount of power that the car offers. The wheels are also larger and more aggressive. Uniquely the car will receive twin exhaust pipes that will be placed in the centre of the rear.

This will be the last car to be released within the Golf VI range with the VII generation set to be showcased at the Paris Motor Show 2012. The Golf GTI Cabriolet was shown off at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show in March. This is also an aggressive and powerful cabriolet.

By the sounds of it many fans would be hoping a great deal that both the Golf GTI Cabriolet and the Golf R Cabriolet are to be released within the Australian market. However Volkswagen are yet to confirm as to whether either vehicle will hit Australian showrooms.

The Volkswagen Golf R will remain in showrooms even when the new generation Golf is released until Volkswagen develops a more powerful variant, it is believed.

Award for the Volkswagen Jetta in Australia

The Volkswagen Jetta was recently named the most affordable car to own in the medium car category priced under $50,000 in Australia. The winner was founded from the 2012 Car Operating Costs survey. The judges consisted of representatives from the nation’s leading motoring authorities.

Anke Koeckler, Volkswagen Australia’s Managing Director said “It is pleasing to see the Jetta honoured for its outstanding value and efficiency. After being named Best Medium Car under $50,000 in the 2011 Australia’s Best Cars Awards, this survey further highlights why the Jetta is such a great all-round package.”
The survey consists of costs such as insurance, fuel, vehicle registration, cost to purchase, servicing and replacement parts over 5 years.