Reports from the automotive industry confirm that Bentley and Lamborghini SUV’s will be delayed. Holding company Volkswagen have the made the decision in order to save cash.

Volkswagen are said to be hitting a crisis, a completely unthinkable and unimaginable situation in 2011. The European car sales crisis seems to have finally caught up with the company.

We saw the SUV’s in question in concept form at both the Geneva and Beijing Motor Show earlier this year. Productions of the vehicles are still waiting to be given the green light by Volkswagen executives.

Lamborghini have surprisingly been making losses since 2009. Developing an SUV model was hope to reverse that situation. Bentley’s profits are also in need of a boost.

Hardcore fans of Lamborghini have been against the decision to develop SUV’s from day one. They want the brand to remain as a sports car type of automaker, focused on style and performance. Others believe that a luxury off roader will not do anything to damage to the company’s reputation.
Bentley and Lamborghini SUV’s are the last thing that the Volkswagen Group need right now. Sales are slowing down throughout Europe thanks to the dreaded Euro Zone crisis. Many countries are in debt. Residents are looking towards the second hand market and some are even deciding not to purchase one altogether.

Volkswagen is planning a full review on spending and production. After everything has been analysed, the company will decide when to release the Lamborghini and Bentley sports utility vehicle. This current delay will not come as a major blow to the company; the news has been expected for a while now.

Volkswagen are aiming to become the world’s number one car producer by the year 2018, overtaking General Motors. They are on course to do so after missing out last year, finishing as the number two.

The company has recently experience its smallest gain in eight months. The new generation Volkswagen Golf sold 492,500 in September which is only a 4.3 per cent increase. German factories saw a halt in production after Volkswagen decided to cut the group output of the vehicle.

Hans Dieter, Volkswagen Group’s finance Chief said at the Paris Motor show that the delay of Lamborghini and Bentley SUV’s make sense. He said “In this environment, we need to have a considerable amount of liquidity available. It’s normal that one looks for items that aren’t imperative,”