LEGO-recreate-VW-camper-vanIt was bound to happen at some point. LEGO have finally immortalised the iconic VW camper van – complete with yellow and red curtains in the windows – just in time for Christmas.

This Yuletide, children – and quite possibly their parents too – can spend many a happy hour recreating their own LEGO version of the Volkswagen legend.

Even by LEGO’s own meticulous standards, the model features meticulous attention to detail and the VW Camper bears an uncanny resemblance to the real thing. The interior in particular has been replicated ultra realistically with a front cabin bench seat, a gear stick, and not forgetting the iconic spherical speedometer.

Featuring doors and a boot that open, the swinging 60s are revisited in a handy made-out-of-plastic-bricks type way.

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