The Skoda Octavia has special deals on both petrol and diesel models. Recently the company hit the headlines after unveiling the Rapid at the Paris Motor Show. This has somewhat distracted customers attention away from the Octavia, prompting Skoda to offer discounts.
The Rapid sits in between the Fabia and the Octavia in terms of size. The car does not have the same appeal as it once did. Its long time on the car market has caused some concerns over its age and style.

One of the main reasons as to why customers are attracted to the vehicle is down to the fact that it offers great value for money. The car comes with decent equipment and offers practicality along with a comfortable drive.

The range was updated back in 2009 with newer engines and a redesign to the interior. Car surveys usually portray the car in a good light, with many owners being wholly satisfied with the car’s capabilities.

Running costs will not make a huge dent in your wallet. Insurance and fuel efficiency are fairly cheap. The Greenline II derivative delivers a tremendous 74.3 MPG return, an excellent investment on all accounts.

Discounts on the car from certain selected dealers include the Greenline II being available for £14,678, down 19 per cent from the original price of £18,022. You’ll be £3,344 better off.

The Skoda Octavia diesel 2.0 TDI CR vRS has £4,008 slashed off its standard price. The vehicle is able to achieve 170 BHP and hit 0 – 62 MPH in only 8.3 seconds. A petrol 1.4 litre 16V S version costs £11,499 saving you £1,930. Some car dealers may even offer prices which drop £11,000. The 1.4 litre 16V S model is available for £13,380 coming with a decent 80 BHP engine. The car is able to achieve a fuel economy of 44.1 MPG coming with air conditioning as standard.

The Skoda Rapid made a great impact at the Paris Motor Show and is bound to make a great impact here in the UK. There will be five different petrol engines and two diesels offered with the car.  Prices are expected to start from around £12,000.