It’s difficult to find a better value for money estate than the Octavia Estate. The Skoda Octavia was one of the major players in helping the company revive its fortunes. The Estate version has become one of the market leaders and we take a look why in our review today.


The best engines from the petrol side to look out for are the turbocharged 1.2 litre, 1.4 litre and 1.8 litre. The 1.6 litre version is a non-turbo and is probably best to avoid.

The diesel engine variants include a 1.6 litre and two variants of a 2.0 litre engine.

Shifting down a gear will allow accelerating to high speeds with ease. The performance on all engines is pretty good. The vRS models come with a 2.0 litre turbocharged 197 BHP petrol variants and a 2.0 diesel 168 BHP variant too comes with an optional DSG semi-automatic gearbox.

The drive

Driving the Octavia Estate is quite a pleasurable experience for the driver and passengers. The car has great handling and a lot of grip at the same time. The suspension within the car is firm and brings about a lot of comfort for passengers.

Running costs

The Greenline II model offers a spectacular 67 MPG which is great value for money with low C02 emissions. All other models are quite valuable too in terms their economical values.

The car is not as expensive as rivals and also holds it’s value very well.


Four large adults are able to in the car with a great amount of leg and headroom. At the rear there is 580 litres of boot space which is enough room for anyone. Putting the seats down will amount to a total of 1,620 litres of space.

Some Skoda Octavia Estate variants

  • Estate 1.4 16v 80 S 5dr – £14,320
  • Estate 1.2 TSI S 5dr – £15,070
  • Estate 1.4 TSI S 5dr – £15,605
  • Estate 1.8 TSI 152 SE Plus 5dr – £18,220
  • Estate 1.6 TDI CR SE 5dr – £18,450
  • Estate 1.6 TDI CR Greenline II 5dr – £19,205
  • Estate 1.8 TSI 160 Elegance 5dr – £19,240
  • Estate 1.6 TDI CR SE Plus 5dr – £19,470
  • Estate 2.0 TFSI vRS 5dr – £21,370
  • Estate 2.0 TDI CR 140 4×4 5dr – £21,535
  • Estate 2.0 TDI CR 170 vRS 5dr – £22,195
  • Estate 1.8 TSI 160 Laurin & Klement 5dr – £22,210
  • Estate 2.0 TDI CR 140 Scout 4×4 5dr – £22,720
  • Estate 2.0 TDI CR 140 Laurin& Klement 5dr – £23,760