The automotive press have confirmed that Skoda are to produce two brand new sports utility vehicles.

Little and large

The company, who are owned by Volkswagen, may develop a Touareg 4×4 as well as a sub Yeti model, meaning there will be a little and large combination.

Two years?

Some sources have claimed that the models may be launched into showrooms within the next two years. However that has not been officially confirmed by anyone at Skoda.

SUV’s the more favourable option

Eckhard Scholz, Skoda’s technical director had revealed the news to Auto Express at the Geneva Motor Show earlier in March. He said that the company are currently exploring different options, that of sports utility vehicles and multipurpose vehicles. Out of the two he said he would prefer the option of SUV’s. He did mention that the new SUV’s must adapt to the company’s major markets of India, China and Russia.

Modular Transverse Matrix

The much documented MQB (Modular Transverse Matrix) will be introduced upon the smaller Skoda SUV. The MQB is a new mutli-dimensional platform which will be rolled out across the whole of the Volkswagen Group. This is a measure to essentially costs as well as generalise the whole group in terms car infrastructure.

Luxury sacrified

For the larger SUV model however the MQB transfer will not be made possible. The Volkswagen Touareg’s infrastructure will be used as a base and foundation. However that could be where the similarities end. In terms of price the larger SUV needs to be spot on if it is going to be introduced to a market place such as India. This would mean the luxuries within the Touareg would have to be sacrificed. The car will stay remain attractive and practical according to Mr Scholz.

A new Yeti 7 seater

A Volkswagen Yeti seven seater variant is said to arrive soon according to Mr Scholz.

No Skoda CitiGo vRS

The new Skoda Citigo will not receive a vRS variant. Rumours claimed that the 109 BHP three cylinder turbo engine which is in the Volkswagen UP! GT was to be used within the vRS if released. However an electric version of the Citigo has been under consideration by the company.

With Skoda having the backing of parent company Volkswagen, we believe that the two new SUV’s will sell very well across the likes of India and Russia.