Skoda’s sales are set to rise by 50 per cent in the Indian car market. Whereas major brands such as General Motors and Volkswagen, who own Skoda, reported a dip in sales for February, Skoda look set to prosper.

A great performance by the Skoda rapid

In 2011 the Skoda Rapid was launched which has become one of the best selling cars in India. It has carried the company’s sales to new heights. Production of the car is set to increase this year. February saw 2,000 units being made. March will see 3,000 being produced. February saw 2,204 unit of the car sold, which was a tremendous achievement.

The Skoda Superb

The new version of the Skoda Superb is set to launch in India very soon which will certainly drive sales up even further. The Skoda Superb is currently the market leader within it’s particular category.

Jurgen Stackmann hopes

Jurgen Stackmann released a statement which emphasised just how important the Indian car market is for Skoda. He said how he hopes that the company will continue along the same path of success in 2012 and beyond.

1.5 million by 2018

Skoda’s ambitions are so high that they expect global sales to reach 1.5 million cars by 2018. This requires plenty of new releases in India year upon year as well as further investments.

Great sales figures

January and February sales combined equate to a figure of 6,781 Skoda cars sold. This represents growth of 29 per cent when comparing the same two months in 2011. In total, Skoda sold 30,005 cars in 2011.

Car markets away from the Euro Zone crisis

European sales are currently down for Skoda amid a Euro Zone crisis. Sales in India, Africa and China could help compensate for such losses. The company have mentioned that by 2018, 60 per cent of sales may derive from China, India, Russia and Africa.

Skoda Fabia, Skoda Laura and the Skoda Yeti

Skoda Fabia sales increased by 50 per cent in 2011. The Laura sedan is third within it’s particular category with the Skoda Yeti SUV growing rapidly. Over the last four months the sales figures of the car have increased month on month. This pattern is expected to continue throughout the year.

Skoda are surprisingly one of Volkswagen’s major players in helping them achieve their 2018 target. As mentioned on numerous occasions, that target is to topple General Motors and become the world’s largest car producer. It may happen sooner than most people think.