So-the-Board-Were-Not-Involved-After-AllSo news just recently released by Volkswagen has stated that none of the current or past board members were involved with the emission scandal that rocked the motoring world back in September 2015. This therefore includes current CEO Matthias Müller and past CEO Martin Winterkorn.

Volkswagen released a statement notifying the public that “Although the investigation by Jones Day is still ongoing, according to information currently available, no serious or manifest breaches of duty of any serving or former members of the Board of Management have been established that would stand in the way of granting ratification at this time.”

This comes just in time for the annual shareholders meeting which is due to take place on June 22nd 2016. The fact that none of the most senior ranking members of Volkswagen were involved in the emissions scandal and the annual shareholders meeting looks to endorse higher management, this news comes at a good time for those who sit on the board of executives.

But at this moment in time, the facts of the whole case are not known to the public. In fact, no one will really know what has actually occurred until U.S. law firm Jones Day, who are still in the process of trying to complete their investigation into what actually happened and what role managers may have played as the carmaker cheated United States vehicle emissions tests, releases their evidence and data. When that is known, it will become easier to understand what happened in regards to the emissions scandal on a global scale.

But another result of this news is the beginning of internal questioning by multiple other Volkswagen employees. These employees argue for why they are not receiving bonuses too. It seems that during this traumatic period of time, Volkswagen really can’t do anything right at all. We might have to start feeling sorry for them soon…