l-3When you hear of the growing momentum shift towards eco-vehicles, it’s most likely hybrids or battery powered electric cars whose drums are being banged. In 2019 however, another renewable energy source is set to join the growing ranks of clean vehicles – solar power.

Naturally, all manner of questions spring to mind regarding the functionality of such a car, but Sono Motors, a startup company from Germany plans to bring the vehicle to market as early as next year.

Called the Sion, the solar powered vehicle bears a close resemblance to many small hatchbacks currently on the roads, the obvious difference being the myriad of solar panels covering the sky-facing surfaces. The Sion will be capable of 155 miles before it needs to be recharged. In addition to the solar cells, conventional electric charging points can also be used.

Sono Motors say they have received over 6,000 reservations for the Sion. Production will commence midway through 2019, and sales are set to begin later in the year.


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