Skoda has given a makeover to their Roomster model. The car now has a more modern type of look and will appeal to parents who want to carry out daily activities in style.


The front grille is wonderfully shaped helping to add the new dynamic look and feel. The headlights appear to be slightly wider which again add to the dynamic look. The shapely bonnet has not changed from the previous generation but blends in well with other elements.


The inside of the car has a wonderful flexibility about it, as the ‘Varioflex’ system may suggest. Amazingly this offers a grand total of 20 different seating positions, meaning there is a plan for any type of situation. The back seats are able to recline backwards, a feature you mainly only receive with the front seats. The two wing seats are able to slide back and forwards, again just like a driver and passenger seat. The boot is quite large and offers a great amount of room for storage. However if that isn’t enough, all seats are able to be removed to create a grand total of 1,780 litres. That’s quite a lot of space, after all the vehicle is called the Roomster!


In terms of equipment, the Roomster could be compared to some vehicles that are above it’s class on the UK market. The car includes a great deal, with manual air conditioning, remote central locking and plenty more. The optional extras are endless, allowing owners to cater their vehicle however they want including the likes of Bluetooth connectivity ability (not available on S trim models).

The price of the car starts from £9,990 and is available to purchase now.

Skoda’s Quarter 1 sales up

The Skoda Roomster has played a big part in helping Skoda achieve profits in the first Quarter of 2012. Worldwide sales equalled 242,700 units which is 11.8 per cent more than the same period the previous year. Here in the UK new registrations of Skoda are increased by 24 per cent. Approximately 14,000 vehicles were sold in the first quarter of the year.

Can Skoda keep their success up throughout the year? It is clear that they are a major factor behind the recent success of Volkswagen and will play a fundamental role in helping the group achieve their 2018 target.