The brand new Volkswagen GTI will make an appearance at the Paris Motor Show on the 4th September. The new generation of the ehicle will come with more space and practicality.

The car will be produced in Germany later this month. There have no official images released of the finished concept version that will be heading to the Paris Motor Show. What has been revealed is the fact that it will have MQB architecture installed as base. As part of Volkswagen’s cost cutting measures, they are giving all brands the same base architecture. This would easily save a great deal of money.

It has come somewhat of a surprise that Volkswagen announced that the new generation will indeed be more spacious. The GTI versions of the Golf are heavily focused on power and speed. Don’t let that put you off. The car will contain an extremely powerful 2.0 litre turbocharged inline four engine that is capable of hitting between 222 BHP and 260 BHP. Power will be distributed down to the front wheels being controlled by a six speed manual or seven speed dual clutch transmission.

The new Golf GTI at the Paris Motor Show will not be in production form. It will only be in concept form as mentioned earlier.
The new generation GTI has gone through a strenuous weight loss regime too. Approximately 220 pounds have been lost as different exterior body materials are now being used. Steel of greater strength is being used which also weighs less. The use of aluminium in certain areas helps save a great deal of weight along with newly designed seats and electronics. The MQB architecture weighs than the previous architecture.

The new Golf GTI certainly has a lot to live up to. It has a magnificent reputation, lasting 38 years with 29 million units selling across the world since.

Let’s not forget about the economical improvements too. Year upon year new models have been improved in terms of fuel economy. According to figures, the car will be 23 per cent better off economically.

The car will also sit lower than the last generation GTI. This will help the vehicle’s agility and acceleration.
Can’t wait for the new Golf GTI? It will be released in November this year here in the UK.