The brand new 2013 Volkswagen Golf MK7 looks like making a great impact on the worldwide car market when released. According to the manufacturers themselves, the car is more economical, faster and safer. All newer cars from any car brand come with the same hype.
This time round it appears that those words may be more accurate than some may imagine. Compared to the MK6 Golf there has been a massive weight loss of nearly 100 KG. This will help to make the vehicle more agile and faster at the same time.

Volkswagen fans may have heard of the famous new MQB architecture. This part of the group’s idea to save costs and bring all car brands closer together. It doesn’t weigh much either, helping to make all car’s that are installed with them more economical. Even the air conditioning unit has gone under an overhaul, weighing a considerable amount less. The new Golf MK7 along with the new generation Audi A3 are the first vehicles to come with the MQB architecture installed.

The new Golf will come with a 1.4 litre TSI turbocharged engine. This will allow the car to achieve a brilliant 140 BHP.
Cylinder deactivation is standard. This closes any cylinder that is not being used, helping to increase the fuel efficiency. In total the car will achieve just 49 MPG. The 1.4 litre diesel entry level engine achieves a fantastic 62 MPG whilst hitting a maximum of 105 BHP.
The Volkswagen Golf is now 2.2 inches longer with a longer wheelbase of 2.3 inches. The front wheels have been moved forward to help enhance the car’s sporty looks.

The American version has not yet been revealed. There are sure to be changes but it not yet what type of engine the United States will receive within their Golf.

The interior of the car has improved a great deal in terms of space. The passenger compartment is now 0.6 inches longer with greater knee room of the same dimension. Shoulder room has increased by 1.2 inches at the back of the car as well as the front. Space for luggage has increased and is now easily accessed.

The infotainment system is certain to be a big hit with new owners. There will be a five inch screen as standard but an eight inch touch screen is included within the top end Golf MK7