The new Volkswagen Golf has been shown off in Berlin first rather than the Paris Motor Show. The seventh generation model is still expected to be one the highlights of the event.

It has been 36 years since the car was first unveiled and has gone on to be one of the most successful selling vehicles of all time. It still remains as Volkswagen’s flagship vehicle. 29 million have seen sold since the first generation. With each new upgrade, the Golf has managed to improve with each new model whilst keeping it’s traditions firmly embedded.

Adding a more attractive design and better car safety measures with greater efficiency has always been part of Volkswagen’s philosophy.  That is still the case with the new Golf.

Making a car lighter is a standard procedure amongst most car makers throughout the world. The new Volkswagen Golf has been made 100 kg lighter than the previous generation Golf. If a car is lighter, it will take less power and drive to get the vehicle going. That means a better performance and a better efficiency rating. Volkswagen has stated that their vehicle will run 23 per cent better than the sixth generation car.

Just because the car has been lighter it doesn’t mean that any safety measures have been compromised. The exterior body structure has been lighter and stronger at the same time. This will make collisions easier less likely to be damaging when compared to the previous model. There a great deal of extra safety systems which greatly enhance the vehicle’s protection.

Driver mode selections are a common theme within sports cars but for the first time ever, the Volkswagen Golf is set to come with four modes which include Eco, Sport, Normal and Individual. A fifth option for DSG gearboxes is offered, named Comfort. With every mode selected, the car’s engine management and throttle mapping will be adjusted in order to suit the selected driving style. For example Eco mode will see features such as the air conditioning being switched off.

Further details are set to be announced at the Paris Motor Show. If you fancy one a new Volkswagen Golf will be released in October. The first deliveries will be in January 2013.