Not many fancy the Golf as a Cabriolet but the 2012 GTI edition may sway a few people. Although a 7th generation Golf has come out, Volkswagen decided to continue the 6th generation on this cabriolet.

Under the bonnet comes a 210 BHP 2.0 litre turbo petrol engine. Although it’s extra weight means that the acceleration time is slightly slowed down it still hits 0 – 62 MPH in 7.2 seconds. What is quick however is the speed of the convertible roof, opening in only 9.5 seconds.

Rivals at the moment include the Audi A3 Cabriolet as well as the BMW 1 Series Convertible. Some may even consider the MINI Cooper S Convertible as a convertible too.

As a GTI the car has a special appeal. There are many fans that would want to Golf GTI and would the extra spice of wind blowing through their hair. The car also has a wonderful look to it too, looking aggressive and stylish at the same time.


It’s also a powerful car, as you would have expected. Volkswagen has ensured that the car is fun to drive. The car offers a great amount of torque. You’ll reach the red line in no time.  The optional DSG transmission gives the car even more power. The gearbox and the engine work wonderfully hand in hand, making a fantastic combination.

Superb driving experience

Handling the GTI cabriolet is a dream. The suspension is stiff, allowing full control of the car at high speeds. It’s also comfortable too typical UK roads when cruising. All in the entire vehicle is almost perfect for any type of driving style you wish to carry out. The driving experience is probably the car’s main selling point.

Officially the car achieves 36.7 MPG and 180g/km C02 emissions. That’s not a bad economical rating. The vehicle’s efficient technology ensures that it’s as green possible despite its older engine design and turbo charging technology.

It has also been confirmed that a new Volkswagen Golf R Cabrio will go on sale later this year. The car will be made available only in front wheel drive unlike the original hatchback.  The Golf R will be more expensive than the GTI Cabriolet, with it costing around £34,500 when released later on this year.