Volkswagen’s Think Blue campaign is the company’s way of encouraging all road users to protect the environment. Their campaign has touched the worldwide car market and has recently been a major talking point in the Australian car market.
Volkswagen’s Bluemotion technology is one of the best on the market. It greatly reduces fuel consumption and makes Volkswagen’s vehicles one some of the most economical on the market. Bluemotion re-uses the car’s natural energy so that it can be used to keep the car on the move. Nowadays you will see the Bluemotion badge on a lot of the company’s line-up of cars.

Volkswagen’s Think Blue challenge in Australia involves members of the media to battle each other driving two separate Bluemotion vehicles. The winner will get the best reading on the trip computer after driving on different routes. The routes taken will totally depend on the car. The Golf and the CC will be assigned to the same route whereas the SUV models will take another route.
The models to be tested on the challenge include the Golf 103 TDI, the Tiguan 103TDI, the CC 125 TDI and the Touareg V6 TDI. Every vehicle is a turbo diesel. All do have different gearbox transmissions however. The weight of the different car’s will of course vary at the same time.

Ed Ordynski, a former Australian Rally Champion has set the bar for all routes. That essentially means the Volkswagen Think Blue challenge will involve members of the media competing against each other and against a former rally champion.
To keep everything as economical as possible, one journalist mentioned that all windows are up so that there is no drag and the air conditioning is off so that fuel is saved. Mr Ordynski is known for his excellent skills when it comes to driving as economically as possible. Everyone taking part certainty has a great challenge on their hands.

How much each vehicle involved in the challenge costs:
• VW Golf 103 TDI Comfortline BlueMotion Technology – $34,490
• VW Tiguan 103 TDI six-speed manual – $35,990
• VW CC 125 TDI – $54,990
• VW Touareg V6 TDI – $77,990

The Volkswagen Think Blue Campaign promotes safer and cleaner driving. It’s one of the main reasons as to how the company are managing to remain as Europe’s number one car supplier