The Volkswagen UP GT will be put into production the German giants have confirmed. Originally the car was just a concept, shown at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany.

110 BHP

The GT will be a faster, more powerful and sportier version of the standard Volkswagen UP! The engine will remain as a 1 litre but will be turbocharged and achieve a maximum of 110 BHP. This is almost double the power compared to the normal UP! which is able to produce 60 BHP. The figures are indeed more than the 98 BHP originally stated when the concept was being shown off.

Mechanically different

There will be a six speed transmission gearbox installed within the car and will offer a front wheel drive. This system better suits the GT setup and complements it’s functionalities better.

New style

As the car is more powerful and a lot sportier, the looks have been upgraded too. There is a more intimidating twin exhaust. The Volkswagen GT will also contain larger alloy wheels, enhancing the car’s look. A new body kit will be included which makes the GT look that bit more attractive. The body kit will include a roof spoiler along with stylish alloy wheels.


The car will compete with the likes of the Renault Sport Twingo and the Suzuki Swift Sport. It will be placed lower than the Volkswagen Polo GTI and the Golf GTI, both of which produce 178 BHP and 207 BHP respectively.

Weight loss

The car also weighs less than the current version, with many sources claiming that the weight loss will be around 100 KG. This would not only improve emissions, but also enhance the car’s performance. With less drag, the car’s acceleration time will effectively be a lot faster.

Will the Volkswagen UP! GT prove to be popular? The engine upgrade isn’t the largest and it doesn’t necessarily make it a fast car. Nevertheless it will still prove to be a fast and enjoyable car to drive around town.

The production model of the Volkswagen GT UP is unlikely to be seen until after 2012. Many expect it to arrive here in the UK in 2013.