The small Volkswagen UP! is set to receive a 5 door variant within it’s line-up Volkswagen have confirmed.Getting a 5 door option will cost the owner £365 more compared to the standard 3 door version. The dimensions in terms of wheelbase and length will be the same between both the 3 door version and the 5 door version, with the wheelbase measuring 2.42 m in total.

The overall length will measure 3.54 m. The boot will have a total capacity of 251 litres.The engine choices will consist one which produces 60 BHP and another that produces 75 BHP. All engines will contain 3 cylinders.

All variants of the Volkswagen UP! are designed to be economical, but if you want to take economy a step further then the Bluemotion range is best for you. The 60 BHP version is able to achieve 68.9 MPG with 95g/km of C02 emissions. It will be hard to find a petrol model that beats that. The 75 BHP version of the Volkswagen UP! will achieve 67.3 MPG combining urban and motorway routes and will emit just 98g/km of C02. There is really hardly any difference between the two vehicles in terms of their economical performance.

You will get exactly the same trim choices with the 5 door UP! which include the Take up!, the Move Up! and the High Up! Black Up! and White Up! are also expected to make an appearance as a special editions.
Despite the vehicle’s rather small stature, Volkswagen have said that the car is bigger on the inside than it appears on the outside. They are not wrong in that respect. The vehicle has 947 mm of headroom at the back, 789 mm of legroom for rear passengers and 993 mm of headroom at the front. Back in October 2011 a company managed to fit 16 people in the Volkswagen UP! That really says it all about the practicality of the car.

To further increase the car’s appeal to families the Up! has a great deal of safety equipment. This includes ABS that combines with hydraulic brake assist, Isofix child seat structure installed at the back, front and side airbags, ESP (Electronic Stability Programme). This will all be standard on the Take Up! model which will be the entry level version. Optional extras include a City Emergency Braking System which cleverly works out the road ahead to brake in time via sensors in order to avoid a collision.