Volkswagen made an appearance earlier this month at the EcoVelocity event held at the Battersea Power Station in London.

The event is a low-carbon motor show and was held between 8th and 11th of September. It is a high profile event showcases the latest green automobile technology. Before the show was held, the organisers said that they were very pleased that the “game changing” Volkswagen brand will be making an appearance.

Volkswagen intended to make a huge impact upon the show. Their aim was to fully persuade everyone that their cars hold the traditional Volkswagen traits such as being stylish, classy as well as practical, whilst mixing in a host a BlueMotion technology.

BlueMotion technology is the company’s way of taking everything further in terms of providing motorists with low fuel bills and ensuring their cars are not emitting much C02. The Golf itself is able to return a huge 74.3mpg alongside emitting just 99 g/km. Just when you thought the Golf couldn’t be any more appealing, it just did.

BlueMotion Technology includes:

  • Stop Start
  • Recuperation
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Aerodynamics

Cars from Volkswagen displayed at the EcoVelocity event included the Polo Bluemotion. The green credentials with this car as well as the Golf Bluemotion are so high that they are exempt from road tax as well as London’s congestion charge.

The company’s Moto for potential customers is “Think Blue”. It will definitely have a ring to it for motorists looking for deals on green cars. Volskwagen’s progress within this particular sector has been nothing short of remarkable.

This recent event hasn’t been the company’s only way of displaying their green credentials. A new Guinness World Record was set by the Volkswagen Passat Bluemotion with it travelling 1,526.63 on one single tank of fuel.

Volkswagen was not the only major car manufacturer to display innovative technology that allows cars to be good for the environment. Honda, Hyundai and Kia displayed their green vehicles in the form of the FCX clarity, the FCEV and the Hatchback models.

The EcoVelocity event was a breath a fresh air. It represented how committed Volkswagen along with other major car brands is to making the environment greener.