The Volkswagen Amarok Canyon extreme sports pick up concept vehicle has made quite an impression at the Geneva Motor Show this month.

Go where you have never gone before

The car will not be in demand for the majority of motorists, as lovers of extreme sports will find the vehicle more attractive. Certain areas where normal cars just cannot access are easily accessible with the Amarok Canyon.

The way the car looks

The Amarok Canyon stands at 85 mm taller than the normal production model. There is also a 40 mm body lift with tougher and more durable tyres fitted. There are auxiliary headlights fitted along with underbody protection that is painted another colour. The wheel arches are 35 mm wider with electrically deployed tread steps which help passengers enter the vehicle, which a wonderful practical element upon the car.

Two carbon fibre kayaks

Kayak enthusiasts will love this vehicle. At the Geneva Motor Show, there were two Kayaks which was made out of carbon fibre mounted to the floor. They were perfectly secured and mounted upon a high gloss black styling bar.

Unique colour scheme

There is quite a unique colour scheme within the car. It is decorated with a Baladi Orange colour scheme with great attention to detail throughout.

Engine and performance

The vehicle will contain a 2.0 litre diesel engine which is able to produce 400Nm of torque. The car’s 4Motion all wheel drive system is mated to a reduction gearbox alongside a rear axle differential lock which ensures that power is distributed to the right areas depending on the tough type of surface and conditions.

Diversity within

Volkswagen’s Commercial Vehicles Head of Development, Dr Wolfgang Schreiber said that the vehicle looks into the car’s diversity. He said “We are using this extreme concept to illustrate one of the many diverse uses of the Amarok. By tuning its design to an extreme sport, we are bringing the original DNA of the Amarok into focus.”

Will a production version really be made? If it does it is expected to be released in December, if rumours are to be believed. However we find it difficult to believe that demand would justify production of the car. Not many would be willing to pay the price for a vehicle that is dedicated to extreme sports fans. We will find out at the end of the year.