Volkswagen and Toyota are fending off American car makers and selling in higher volumes.

Foreign automakers taking charge

April sales equalled 530,000 in North America for American based automakers. That figure means that domestic manufacturers have a 44.8 per cent market share, down from 46.5 per cent in April 2011. European based car manufacturer’s sold 118,000 which equals 10 per cent of the market. That has resulted in an 8.6 per cent increase.

Volkswagen’s strides in North America

Volkswagen along with BMW and Mercedes-Benz ensured that North America’s market share has been heavily increased. The Passat and Jetta sedan vehicle have shown the most improvement. Volkswagen’s market share hit 3.2 per cent which is an increase from 2.5 per cent back in April 2011.

Volkswagen gain was General Motors’ and Ford’s loss. The two rival American automotive giants saw a heavy decrease in market share when compared to last year. Both companies’ shares fell by 2 per cent and one per cent respectively.

Toyota’s comeback

Toyota’s reputation has fallen from grace after a number of recalls. However following a year of disaster after the Tsunami and Thailand floods, Toyota have began making a huge comeback.

Their sales now grew by 11.6 per cent in the month of April. Market share now for the Japanese company has now hit 15 per cent. Subaru were the closest in terms of sales in April. The likes of Honda, Kia and Nissan have surprisingly fell behind. Many have put the company’s success down to the Toyota Camry. This particular model sold a tremendous 37,000. That’s a 21 per cent increase from 12 months ago. The famous Toyota Prius hybrid managed to double it’s sales figures from the previous year. The Camry is now the most popular passenger vehicle in North America. The Toyota Prius has been placed at number three with the Honda Accord being number two.

Did Ford and General Motors lose focus?

It appears that Ford and General Motors were too concerned on beating each other that they forget about the rest of the competition. This is clearly a good sign for Volkswagen who hopes to pip General Motors to the number one car producer spot by 2018.  Toyota are now on their way to becoming the United States number one car supplier. Will these patterns continue?