Volkswagen-Back-On-TrackJust recently, it seems as if Volkswagens fortunes are back on track after the emissions scandal which started last September. The board have been, it seems so far, proven innocent in the whole affair. Plus, they have just worked out a way to start repairing a small percentage of the vehicles affected. So, with all of that occurring, have people actually regained trust? And, have they been buying their vehicles as a result of this?

Well, for April, the answer is yes for the sales anyway. Volkswagen have finally begun selling their vehicles again it seems. Global sales in the automotive industry were up 9 percent from last year. Just over 1.3 million vehicles were registered last month which is the highest the industry has sold in a month since 2008, which was before the recession. The industry is booming and Volkswagen is riding its crisp waves.

For the first time since the emissions scandal, Volkswagen has managed to increase their sales. The Volkswagen group’s sales were up a respectable 5.4 percent on last year. This is extremely impressive when the emissions scandal is put in place. Plus, for March 2016, there was a decrease of 1.6 percent so the company have certainly managed to turn their fortunes around, for the month of April anyway. The Volkswagen group which includes the likes of Audi, Seat, Skoda, Porsche, Bentley and Bugatti were all instrumental in the rise of the VW group’s sales.

Volkswagen badged vehicles also managed to sell more too. This may be seen as even more impressive than the overall sales of the group as a whole. This is because the blue and silver VW badge has been attacked more than any other of its subsidiaries has been, and therefore it wasn’t expected that their sales would increase this quick.  But they have. Volkswagen saw their sales rise by 21.6 percent in April.

Maybe Volkswagen got lucky. Then again, maybe Volkswagen is actually back on track, we’ll see soon…