The Volkswagen Beetle is now officially on sale. You won’t be able to buy one immediately however. They are only available for pre order at the moment, with the car being officially released next year in 2012. The 1.2 litre and the 1.4 litres are available to order at the moment with prices starting from £16,490. First deliveries are set for Spring.

We have already written about the car a couple of times already in our blog.  We discussed how it was an iconic vehicle with a lot of illustrious history. Volkswagen appears to want to alter that history to some extent by changing its target market. Typically the car was extremely popular with females. The company are now trying to diversify the car by making it more attractive to the male sector of the market. How? By making certain features of the car bigger, slightly more intimidating and adding a bit of sporty personality to it.

Can’t afford the Volkswagen Golf? The starting price for the entry level Beetle is just £16,490, a bit cheaper than the Golf. This comes with a seven speed DSG automatic transmission and is able to produce around 104 BHP. Every standard model comes with air conditioning.

If you decide to upgrade to the “Design” trim of this model, it will cost you around £18,995, but it comes with Bluetooth connectivity ability along with colour coded dashboard panels. The 17 inch alloys looks very attractive and the DAB radio helps to modernise the car.

The variant that may attract the male customers will be the 1.4 litre TSI petrol. It is the most powerful model and is able to produce 158 BHP.  The “Design” trim is the minimum option available with the car, with it costing £19,470. In order to upgrade to the “Sport” trim, you’ll get the luxury of sports seats, tinted windows, gloss black door mirrors and parking sensors for just £21,220.

Further into the year, the deliveries of the Bluemotion models will be rolled out. The 1.6 TDI models offering 104 BHP along with a 2.0 litre TDI producing 138 BHP and a 2.0 litre TSI will be made available amongst the BlueMotion line-up.

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