The Volkswagen Blue e-motion was a participant in the RAC future car challenge and was the winner within the Most Energy Efficient Regular Car Prototype category.

The electric car managed to cover the challenge which was to drive 57 miles from Madeira Drive in Brighton to Pall Mall in London.


A few reports in the press stated that Volkswagen were particularly confident about taking on this particular challenge a few weeks ago. Reasons behind their confidence were clearly justified after the Blue e-motion’s performance. The achievement was made even more remarkable by the fact that more cars entered this year than ever before.

It rivalled other super efficient Volkswagen cars such as the Passat Bluemotion, which offers quite extraordinary statistics. It can achieve up to 68.9 MPG with many looking to snap it up when it goes on sale in 2013.

Highly efficient car

The Volkswagen Golf Blue e-motion is powered by lithium-ion batteries. The maximum amount of power which the car is able to produce is 115 BHP. The car’s top speed us just 86 MPH with acceleration from 0-62 MPH in just 11.8 seconds. The car able to achieve an outstanding 74.9 MPG whilst emitting just 99g/km of C02.

The battery is more sophisticated than those that are offered on other vehicles. When the car’s acceleration is pressed released, the battery is charged.


Bluemotion technology is Volkswagen’s way forward of moving forward and meeting customer demands. As time progresses, more and more models are likely to adapt the technology as standard in order to lower fuel demands and C02 emissions.

The same process also occurs when the beginning process of pressing down the brakes. Brake regeneration is quite an advance piece of technology which has spread across to many other different models.

Other great feautures

The car doesn’t just have an array of huge green credentials; it also has a great amount of practicality too.  Within the boot, owners are able to store 279 litres of luggage and five adults are able to sit comfortably.

The car also adopts the common Stop Start system which stops the car’s engine when the car is idle and starts it up again when the driver needs to drive off.

This isn’t the Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion’s first award and we believe it won’t be the last.